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Working Mum Dilemmas

  • February 3, 2017

Being a working mum is stressful. Whether you work full-time, part-time or from home, there will always be struggles with juggling work and a family. I’m sure you’ve already come across plenty of ‘working mum dilemmas’ since you went back after maternity leave.

I work part-time (though at 30 hours a week I think it’s nearer full-time) and there’s plenty of challenges to face every single day.

The working mum dilemmas I’ve encountered (and I’m sure you have to!) are…

Less money

The obvious one is the big drop in your salary if you’re part-time. I still go to work 5 days a week so have the same expenses as if I was full-time, but a lot less money at the end of the month.

Attending school events

I feel like I’m pushing my luck a bit as it is, with working the hours I asked for to fit around school. When there’s an assembly or play to go to it’s awkward asking your boss if you can come in later or leave even earlier. We had a little exhibition to go to this week that was at such an awkward time of the day, by the time I got back to work it would have only been a couple of hours before I had to leave again, so I booked the whole day off. Which leads me on to…

School holidays

Although I work part-time I’m in the office every day, so when it comes to school holidays I simply don’t have enough days to cover it. Mine and my husbands holiday put together don’t even cover the 13 weeks of school holidays per year so we have to take advantage of grandparents and pay for holiday clubs.


I can’t get on the phone 15 mins before I have to leave for the day or join a meeting less than an hour before otherwise I just won’t make it out the door on time. If I’m more than 5 mins late leaving the office I’ll end up having to park miles away from the school and run down to the school gates, so I have to leave dead on time which sometimes can be frowned on in the workplace and leads to…

Being called a “Part-timer”

This winds me up! I might only be at work part-time compared to everyone else, but by the time I’ve done the school run, taxied Little H to after-school clubs, tidied up the house, spent time with my child, and got dinner sorted, I don’t actually get to sit down until 4 hours after I’ve left the office. Part-timer my arse.

Fitting the work in

I know that most part-time working mums feel as though they pack a full-time job into part-time hours, especially when you’ve gone back to the same job that you were doing full-time before kids. You definitely feel like you’ve got to work extra hard and prove yourself to keep your job.

Getting overlooked

I find it can go from one extreme to the other. You can either have the work piled on because people don’t appreciate you have fewer hours in the day than they do, but on the other hand, you’re also overlooked when it comes to promotions because you’re “just part-time”. Definitely a no-win situation.

A Part-time mum

It’s not so bad now that Little H is at school, but I definitely felt like a part-time mum when she was at nursery. It can be hard as you’d obviously rather be there for your kids all the time than sitting at work, and you end up missing so many milestones when they’re small.


Sometimes having a child’s a fantastic excuse to get out of things you don’t really want to do, but it’s also tough when your colleagues are going out for leaving/birthday drinks and you can’t
attend because you have a little person’s dinner and bedtime to sort. The ones without kids don’t get it and think you’re boring/old/unsociable – which actually is true some of the time!

Getting Everything Done

When you work part-time or full-time it impossible to fit in all your mum duties as well. After work, I want to spend time with Little H rather than doing housework so my house is a mess as I don’t have any other time to clean it. I either do the food shopping late at night or have to remember to do it online a few days before we run out of food. Our washing machine and tumble dryer are spinning all night, and weekends are mainly spent doing housework, homework, and errands.


It’s never easy, is it?! If you work, what struggles do you face?


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  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    I think it is hard remembering to get everything done and finding the time for things when working. I also work part-time but it does feel like full-time! Our kids do a lot of stuff when they are at nursery though – I hardly did crafts etc and know my daughter does lots more of that kind of thing at nursery so that is beneficial to her. Swings and roundabouts with everything x

  • Sarah Cantwell

    Aww I feel you! I work 18 hours and find it so hard to get the balance right. I don’t think you ever can. I am holding out for my maternity leave to start xx

  • Sonia Cave

    Ah, this is such a hard one. I carried on having to work after we had no.1 and I felt very caught in the middle, like noone respected you either way! After the twins it didn’t make financial sense to return to work, and to be honest it was nice to leave the hassle of all the comments behind 🙂 I now only get comments about being at home from those that have no idea how hard it is running around after three children, 2 being very active twin boys!!

  • Geraldine

    I agree with everything you say. I work four days week nd find life so stressful. I hate getting home so late in the evenings to rush dinner and try to fit quality time in with my daughter. There’s no solution really. Family life is just so hard #kcacols

  • Savannah

    I imagine it is extremely tough to try and fit everything into one day when juggling work and home life. I stay home with my tot, but I struggle with time management – and that’s without me having to be somewhere at a particular time everyday. Hats off to you working moms! <3

  • Savannah

    Sorry, forgot to add #KCACOLS!

  • natalie

    Oh lovely I agree 30 hours is definitely full time in my book! I am lucky enough to only work 12 hours however I am constantly poor and never ever have any spare money. I am the same with having to finish exact on time to go and do the school run which means sometimes having to finish work the next time I am in – not idea! #kcacols

  • dearmummyblog

    Totally get this post! My mummy works full time hours in a compressed week and gets called ‘part-timer’ all because she has Monday’s off and even when she works 9-10 hrs days! Bloomin cheek! 😉 #Sharingthebloglove

  • Topfivemum

    it’s so tough, and you are doing an amazing job! It’s so hard to juggle work and being a mum and no-one will understand it. I am about to go back to work after having my second baby and I need to have the part time work conversation. Part of me thinks that even asking for part time is a reflection that I’m less committed to my job. But ultimately, I know what’s going to work best for my family so I need to give it a try. It’s interesting that you work 30 hours a week. My ‘official’ hours are 35 hours full-time (9-5pm plus an hour lunch break – yeah right?!) but I’ve never ever worked that amount in my life, always more like 45-50. So I’ve decided I’m going to take that time back and leave on time at the very minimum from now on. Easier said than done when I’m not back yet though. Just focus on why you’re doing it and be true to yourself. Sod the office gossip. #SharingtheBlogLove

  • Kerry Norris

    I can relate to this so much. I always sit and click watch and always feel like I’m pushing it when I ask for time off x

  • Stephanie

    There is never enough time! I calculate the time I would need everyday to do everything I wanted with the baby plus everything I need to do for work (full time but mostly from home) and then everything I need to do around the house on almost a daily basis when I’m planning my schedule, and the math doesn’t ever add up. Something always has to give. It can be frustrating, tiring, and stressful. All you can do is try your best. #marvmondays

  • kerry

    I don’t know how working mums do it! I really don’t. I’m a sahm and I cant fit everything in and end up going to bed stressed about how the house resembles a skip or how the boy hasn’t finished all of his homework etc . I raise a glass to you!! mummy workers need a cape!!


  • Kat

    Whatever yo do I think you’re going to find dilemas. I wasn’t able to work part time in my role and my full time job was often 40-45 hours per week, plus with not being able to drive and the school being a 30 minute walk one way in the opposite direction, I just wouldn’t have been able to do both, especially with my partners awkward shifts. I’m just glad I work at home now. Less money but so much less stress. #MarvMondays

  • Jo

    Thanks for sharing with #marvellousmondays
    It is a challenge, for me its the school hols that are the toughest gig as I would love to be hanging out with the kids but they do spend a lot of it in holiday club. They have a great time but I feel I am missing out. On the other hand I couldn’t be a SAHM and I do enjoy my job! Its all a juggle.


    I feel the same as you. My house is never clean and tidy. Doesn’t help taht I’m a hoarder as well! It’s tough being working mum, but we are made of strong stuff ! xx


  • Ali Duke

    It is so hard working when you have kids. You always feel like you are not giving on thing or another enough of your time.

  • Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    It’s such a difficult balancing act isn’t it! I’m part time and definitely relate to lots of this – not being able to take calls too close to clocking off time is key for me! And keeping on top of all the housework is a never-ending task. I’m freelance which does make some of these things a bit easier – no guilt trips from colleagues about being ‘part-time’ or taking time off – if I’m not working, I’m not being paid, so no-one can complain! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • Cass Bailey

    I totally get this! I work the same hours as you but I have a brilliant team and boss at work so I have the flexibility to attend school events and to stay at home when they’re ill. Its hard enough for me so I can’t imagine doing the same without the same understanding x x

  • Cheryl @ Tea or Wine

    There’s just no easy win is there? Like you say whatever you do it’s hard work. I gave up my full time job because they gave me no flexibility whatsoever to either work from home or condense my hours. I now freelance which means I can work around the kids a lot easier but that still presents problems (unpredictability of work, child care in holidays, and fitting everything in). The only way things will improve is if businesses start to trust their staff to work more flexibly. #’KCACOLS x

  • Jodie

    MY hat really does go off to those who work full time. I have a hard time juggling stuff as it is working at home.

  • Bread

    At the moment, I’m working 29 hours and my wife stays at home with our son. She takes him to playgroups and singing groups and I work my ass off so she can do those things. I hope to take some time off soon so I can go to these things too. #kcacols

  • Adventures of Mummy and Me

    I work full-time at the moment, but after having some time off (due to sickness) I am now seriously contemplating part-time work. I didn’t realise just how much I miss during the daytime being at work. Simple things like dropping him off at nursery, and picking him up again. Or having lunch in the garden in the summer. I do wonder how I’ll cope when he’s at school age and we have to factor in school holidays and social events at the school! #KCACOLS

  • Toni | Gym Bunny Mummy

    It’s really not easy is it? I had to go back full time after my first which meant very long days, lot’s of expensive childcare plus before my boss had kids he wouldn’t give any leeway for assemblies etc, that’s the reason why I left when I fell pregnant with my second. I now run my own business and whilst it’s better that I can technically choose my hours I end up working longer hours to fit around the kids & other family commitments, especially my youngest as he has Autism and just doesn’t sleep!

  • Jade The Parenting Jungle

    Oh god I totally get this and love all the points you have raised. I work 20 hours and everyone always says how nice it must be but they don’t get the running round in between, the cooking two sets of meals an night etc. Actually I sit down and rest alter than my OH who works full time. I worked full time when my son was at nursery but when it got to school hours it was just so much to juggle and so much to pay. I feel like I am split between work, parenthood and being a partner and not very good at or have the time to do all three well. I think you just have to remember to be kind to yourself! Thank you for linking to #KCACOLS. We hope to see you next Sunday x

  • Harriet - Coffee & Bubbles

    Yes to all of the above. This week will be my first week of working 32 hours, having just dropped from 40. I’m so excited to do all the things I’ve been craving doing. I’ll keep my little one at nursery but will occasionally take him out for some more ‘us time’. God it’s such hard work! #KCACOLS


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