Escaping The January Blues

  • January 28, 2017

A new year equals exciting new plans, and what’s more exciting than planning an adventure?

Last year we went on an amazing adventure to Disney World, so we’re definitely not going to top that in 2017 but we already have some other ideas.

We’re aiming to get out and explore our local area more over the next few months, visiting some great places – some we’ve never been to, and others we haven’t visited since we were children ourselves. On our list we have a castle, a few beaches, some villages and a cathedral to name just a few.

Adventuring with kids can be stressful, not to mention expensive – but adventures don’t have to be big things or take you too far from home. For kids a simple trip to the beach, forest or countryside can be an amazing adventure!

Escaping The January Blues |

Having some days out planned also gives you something to look forward to when you’re stuck at work all week.

Have you got anything exciting planned for the year ahead?

If you can’t get out and about because of lack of funds or the rubbish British weather, then there are so many adventures you can have at home with the kids. Why not build a den, set up a treasure hunt, or go exploring in the garden.

Escape With A Good Movie

Then, once the kids have gone to bed you can get comfy on the sofa, get out the popcorn and escape in a movie for a couple of hours. I’m not a winter person at all and would much rather be hibernating, so curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a good film sounds like the perfect evening to me.

Some great movie adventures are:

Escaping The January Blues |

  • The Legend of Tarzan
  • Pan
  • Interstellar
  • In The Heart of the Sea
  • Mad Max
  • Wizard of Oz

Have you seen any of these? Which are your faves? There are so many good choices here!



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  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    I’ve seen all of these, other than Mad Max. Good choices – especially the legend of the sea. Hello Chris Hemsworth! 😉 x

  • Sonia Cave

    We are desperately looking forward to the better weather when it doesn’t take so long to get three children all wrapped up to get out the door, but it’s so worth the effort for everyone’s sake and then we all have such a great day or adventure. We too are trying to explore the area (new as just moved here) and get to know it better 🙂

  • Kerry Norris

    We’re off to Disneyworld this year. I’ve seen some of those. Love the wizard of oz but found interstellar very confusing x

  • Jodie

    I never felt January blues until this year. I’m looking forward to warmer weather.


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