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Interview With A Working Mum – Maxine Speechley

  • January 25, 2017

Welcome to the latest installment of ‘Interview With A Working Mum’.

So far we’ve had a mum who takes her baby to work with her, and a mum who is about to pack up and head off to Jamaica.

This week’s guest blogger is a mum of school age twins who wanted to stick to the career she’s worked so hard for.

Interview With A Working Mum - Maxine |

First up, please introduce yourself…

My name is Maxine Speechley. I have been married to James for 6 years however we have put up with each other for 11 years. We have identical twin girls called Holly and Emily who are 5 and they started school this September. We live in Rawtenstall which is about 20 miles north of Manchester.

Interview With A Working Mum - Maxine |

What line of work are you in?

I am currently a practice nurse for a large surgery in Accrington, I am also studying for my diabetes diploma

How many hours/days do you work?

I currently work 28.5 hours, which is 8.30 till 5 Monday and Tuesday, 8.30 till 1.30 Wednesday and 8.30 till 4.30 on Thursdays. I increased my hours as of October once my girls were settled in school, I previously worked 22.5 hours which was 8.30 till 4.30 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Are you in the same line of work as before you had children?

Whilst I was pregnant. and when I returned from maternity leave, I was a staff nurse within the community working with health visitors and school nurses. When I returned from maternity leave I had to  move to a different team as they couldn’t accommodate a reduction  in hours. Between myself and husband we worked out that I couldn’t work more than 3 days as nursery cost us £800 – which was more than our mortgage payment.

How quickly did you return to work after having children?

I had 12 months off with my girls split, between maternity leave and annual leave. My girls were born at 29 weeks by emergency c-section as I went into kidney and liver failure so my maternity leave started then.

Did you want to return to work?

I love having the girls and enjoy my time with them, but I needed to return to work for my own sanity. I needed to have other adult conversations and felt they would benefit from social interaction with other adults and their peers. Also, I worked hard for 3 years to become a nurse so I wanted to continue with my career but also have it fit in with my family.

What are the hardest things about being a working mum?

The hardest thing about being a working mum is having unwell children and having to either ask grandparents to look after  your children or having to ring work and explain that you’re not going to be in that day. I find that very hard as I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and post natal depression when the girls were 1 year old, due to traumatic delivery and the 9 weeks the girls spent in nicu.

What are your favourite things about being a working mum?

My favourite thing about being a working mum is that I value my time with my children and husband so much and we get to do enjoyable things together, such high as days out or meals out. It also means we get to go on holidays such as Disney World Florida which we are doing this coming summer.

What are your least favourite things about being a working mum?

Least favourite thing is the busy mornings getting us all ready  for work and school, then dropping them off at breakfast club, then getting myself to work in time to see patients and rushing hometown pick them up from after school club and then making dinner for us all.

Do you have any tips for other working mums or mums thinking about returning to work after maternity leave?

Plan your child care for returning to work as soon as possible and have conversations with your boss ASAP if  you’re wanting to change hours.


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  • Jodie

    This is so interesting. I take my hat off to those who work OUT of the house. It must be really tricky juggling everything.

  • Tanita

    Lovely to hear how other mums do it. My mum was a full time working mum and now that I am a work at home mum I take my hat off to her. It is all a juggling act xx

  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    I can’t imagine how busy things are with twins, let alone as a working mum. Must need lots of organisation x

  • joanna

    Lovely to see how other mums juggle working I’m a stay at home mum currently but would love to work again when my son is a little older.

  • Emily and Indiana

    This was so interesting! I used to work similar hours when we first was little, and it’s such a juggling act isn’t it! Now I work from home, I don’t know how i did it xx

  • Claire

    What a great interview! I’ve just returned to work myself from maternity leave and my son is nearly 1. I can’t imagine how much of a pain it’s going to be when getting him to scholarship nd having to try and fit my hours around him etc but I know I’ll be working less hours than I am now. I love that your fave things are getting to do nice things and go to Disney…it really makes you feel more motivated and positive about working and earning for your family doesn’t it? Xx

  • Alison P

    Great interview. I’ve often wondered how working mums do it. I find it so hard to keep on top of everything and I’m at home all day. It’s not just the housework, it’s also staying on top of their school work, themed dressed up days, birthdays, bills…! Where working parents find the time, I don’t know. x

  • Emma

    In a way I’m dreading going back to work but in a way I’m looking forward to it. It’s nice to have adult conversation and to earn money as well. Great post! x

  • Mums Space

    Such a interesting interview! Its nice to read about the side of working Mums, as I have been lucky enough to not had to work since having my oldest 4 years ago, so I love to hear how working Mums get on. I am so looking forward to getting back into a career soon though! x

  • Adventures of Mummy and Me

    Such an interesting interview! I’m a working mum myself, and it’s always good to read about other mum’s experiences.

  • Sarah Cantwell

    It must be so hard with two as you have to pay double the nursery fees xx

  • Janine Dolan

    Nurseries can be so expensive, especially when you have two kids attending. The second one generally gets a discount and we get another discount at the moment because my oldest is attending the free pre school year but it’s way more we pay for the two of them than Maxine.

  • Kerry Norris

    Great to hear how other mums do it. I simply can’t afford to go back to work which is awful isn’t it. Good luck with your diabetes diploma x

  • Stephanie

    I take my hat off to your working with twins too, I have ID twin girls and a older son and it’s hard work!


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