Things All Mums Know To Be True

Being a parent is certainly a learning curve!

All parents will agree that having kids is tough, tiring, and hard work to say the least. Kids are also really annoying – they know just how to push our buttons.

If you’re stressed out and your children are driving you crazy, don’t worry we’ve all been there. Have a read through this list and you’ll hopefully realise that your child is actually quite normal.

Things All Mums Know To Be True |

Things all Mums know to be true…

  • Kids do not listen.
  • The biggest tantrums are always over the most ridiculous things.
  • They ask a lot of questions.
  • Your house will never be clean again.
  • As soon as you throw something away or donate it, they’ll ask where it is.
  • No matter what time you put them to bed they’ll still get up at the same ridiculously early hour.
  • You’ll never be alone again.
  • “Mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy, muuuuuuummmmyyyyy”
  • Most of the time you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing.
  • There’s never enough time in the day.
  • If they lose their favourite teddy/blanket/comforter no one in the house will rest until it’s found.
  • You’ll blub like a baby at anything to do with sick children.
  • They grow bloody fast.
  • They’re at their slowest when you’re in a hurry.
  • You can’t get through a shop without lots of “I want that!”
  • If you ever manage to get a ‘date night’ you’ll just spend the whole time talking about the kids.
  • You get woken up at ungodly hours by the most pointless questions.
  • There’s always something to worry about.
  • They can be playing nicely by themselves for hours, but the second you sit down they’ll want something.
  • They whinge about everything.
  • You will never pee alone again.
  • Kids are crazy.
  • When they say they can do it all by themselves they can’t. And you’ll be the one clearing up the mess.
  • Arranging a girls night out with fellow mums takes a lot of planning.
  • The one day you don’t have spare clothes in your bag will be the day they wet themselves/spill a drink/have a nosebleed.
  • Kids’ TV is terrible and the theme tunes will get stuck in your head for days.
  • Children are masters of thinking up reasons why they can’t go to bed.
  • One minute it’s the end of the world, the next minute they’re as happy as larry.
  • They can easily take an hour to chew a mouthful of food. Unless it’s full of sugar.
  • As soon as they start school you’ll spend all of your weekends at birthday parties.
  • Once you let them near an iPad you’ll never be able to tear them away from it.
  • There’s always some idiot judging your parenting.
  • If you’re driving they’ll always have something really really urgent that you need to look at. If you don’t look they’ll just whine and cry until you do.
  • You’ll always feel guilty about something
  • Having a child at school is a full time admin job.
  • They always need a wee when you’re as far away from a toilet as possible.
  • If they’re ill they will always wait to vomit until the middle of the night.
  • When they say “love you mummy” or “you’re my best friend” everything is forgiven.
  • Other people’s kids can be horrible.
  • If they say they want something for dinner don’t believe them. They won’t eat it.
  • They’re very cute.
  • You don’t want them to grow up.
  • When they’re asleep you could sit and watch them for hours.
  • Your life wouldn’t be the same without them.
  • It’s all worth the pain, and you wouldn’t change them for the world. Well, not much anyway.

So how many of these can you relate to?!



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21 thoughts on “Things All Mums Know To Be True

  1. Mrs Mummy Harris says:

    hahaha your list is pretty much spot on from what i’ve witnessed in my lifetime. Ben is only 7 months old and already im dreading when he gets older haha!
    im quite lucky that he hasnt lost his comforter and that is also a muslin – totally easily replaceable if it gets lost!! We tried him with dummys and after an incident of him puking when we tried to give him calpol through his medicine dummy – it put him off and now he doesnt need it!
    we have noticed though he’ll be right near the end of a bottle so i get hubby to make another one (we have the prep machine) and then when we give him the second bottle he rejects it. like “nope thanks but i just love to see you flap around to keep me entertained”

  2. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons says:

    All so true! I thought I’d got beyond the stage of having to take spare clothes out with me these days – this week my son managed to spill his drink all over him! We had to make a quick trip back home after drying up the best we could! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. My Petit Canard says:

    Pretty sure I could tick most of these off the list! Yes, yes and yes! Hard work, exhausting, relentless but the best thing in the world 🙂 Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

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