Our December Round-Up

  • January 2, 2017

If I haven’t already said it to you – Happy New Year!

I’ve already done a round-up of 2016 but thought I may as well finish my monthly round-ups with the last one of 2016.

We finished the eyar with a fun and busy December. Here’s our December round-up…

Our December Round-up

Our December Round-Up | copyright

We were very lucky to be invited for breakfast with Santa at Wyevale Garden Centre at the start of the month. Little H had a great time and really enjoyed chatting with Santa – it was the first time she’d ever been near him!

PLease tell me it’s not only us that’s always at kids’ birthday parties? In December we had another one, this time a Princess themed party complete with a special guest appearance from Rapunzel.

Little H’s school doesn’t do nativity plays until they’re a bit older which I’m quite thankful for – no costumes to make. We did have a carol concert though which was lovely. The kids sang brilliantly and did lots of actions, it was very cute.

Last March Little H started gymnastics and in December her club had a meet. All of the kids had to perform a little routine and Little H was so nervous. She kept saying she didn’t want to do it, but I suggested we go along anyway even if only to watch. On the day she was brilliant, no nerves, did her thing and came home with 2 medals! We couldn’t have been prouder of her and we went to Pizza Express afterwards to celebrate.

I finished work for 12 days on the Wednesday before Christmas and it couldn’t have come sooner – I can’t tell you how much I needed some time off. The day before Christmas Eve we went Ice Skating with some friends. I remembered why I haven’t been in ages – because I’m worse at skating than the kids! Little H really enjoyed it and didn’t want to leave. I just hope she doesn’t want to go again any time soon.

We had a great Christmas, spent the morning at home and then had lunch at my parent’s house. On Boxing Day we had a very lazy day, followed by lunch out with my brother and sister-in-law and nieces.

Little H got a new bike for Christmas so between Christmas and New Year we went down the beach for a walk (us) and a bike ride (her). It was a lovely sunny day and felt more like a Spring day. We even sat in the sun for a drink before we left.

Months ago we booked tickets for the Harry Potter tour at Warner Brothers Studios and the day finally came around. My husband and I went when it first opened but this was the first time Little H has been, she’s a Potter geek like us so has been asking for ages to go. I wont write too much about it as I have a blog post coming later this week, but it was a fantastic day and we all really enjoyed it.

Then before we knew it, it was New Year’s Eve and we were sat on the sofa in our PJs eating a Chinese take-away to see in 2017!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have a wonderful year ahead of you. I look forward to lots more fun to tell you about this year.


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  • Sarah

    Aww breakfast with Santa sounds fun! But I love that your little ones went to a Princess party with Rapunzel! x


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