7 New Year’s Resolutions For Bloggers

  • December 29, 2016

It’s that time for New Year’s Resolutions! Rather than making the usual rubbish resolutions about getting fit – that you know you’ll never keep – how about some blogging resolutions?

The resolutions you make obviously depend on what you want to achieve with your blog. A lot of professional bloggers post about how to become a pro blogger or make loads of money from your blog next year. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with either of those!

However, if you want to simply enjoy your blog, get organised and grow it so your posts are actually getting read then hopefully this post will help.

Read on for my  7 New Year’s Resolutions For Bloggers…

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Blogging Resolution No. 1 – Self-Host

If you haven’t already gone self-hosted do it in 2017! Self-hosting will give you more control over the design of your blog, access to Google Analytics which provide you with a wealth of information about your stats and allow you to grow your Domain Authority which is important if you want to work with companies.

I use Siteground which is a million times better than the company I was using before – they even migrated my blog over for me at no extra cost.

Web Hosting

Blogging Resolution No. 2 – Get Organised

If you’re not already organised with your blog then I think this is the most important one for you. When you don’t know what to blog about from one minute to the next it gets quite stressful and can take all of the fun out of it. I wrote some tips a few months ago on how to organise your blog that you might find useful to get you going.


Blogging Resolution No. 3 – Get To Grips With Google Analytics

Understanding who visits your blog and what they like to read about will help you no end. To do this you need to understand what all of the stats mean in Google Analytics. Have a read of my blog post Why Google Analytics Should Be Every Bloggers Best Friend to see what stats you should be tracking.


Blogging Resolution No. 4 – Write About What You Love

Whilst you want people to be interested in your blog and read your posts, there’s no point in writing for other people if you’re not writing about what interests you. Find what you want to write about, whether it’s your kids, your life, fashion or beauty and get just writing – you’ll find it much easier to create blog posts if you enjoy writing about the subject.


Blogging Resolution No. 5 – Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Bloggers

This is a really hard one, and we all do it. When you see someone blogging about how they got 25,000 followers in one day or made £2000 in a month from Adsense you can feel really disheartened.

It helps to remember that this level of blogger is few and far between, and there are more bloggers on the smaller scale lie you might be. Try not to worry about how everyone else is doing and concentrate on building your blog.


Blogging Resolution No. 6 – Connect With Other Bloggers

This is definitely one of my blogging resolutions! It’s hard when you’re at work all day to chat with fellow bloggers and not just schedule all of your posts. When you do interact with others it makes growing your blog much easier though, so it’s an important one to focus on.


Blogging Resolution No. 7 – Focus On Creating Great Imagery

Another one that’s on my list. High-quality images and graphics help pull traffic through to your blog from social media. I need to learn to use my flashy DLSR better, but if you aren’t great at photography you can still find great free imagery online that you can use on your own blog.


What do you have on your blogging resolutions list – will you be using any of these?


7 New Year's Resolutions For Bloggers | Improve your blog with these suggestions for new year's blogging resolutions. Go self-hosted, write about what you love, use great imagery and more. Read the full list... | #bloggingtips #bloggers #resolutions

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  • Nell

    NUMBER 8: Start a blog. I’ve been meaning to but I haven’t gotten around to it. I’m still considering it.

  • Cass Bailey

    I’d also say that you should resolve to enjoy your blog more – somewhere along the line you can start taking it too seriously and lose the love for it. That happened to me so I went back to basics x x

  • Kate Holmes

    So helpful. Thanks so much – knew some of it but not all and want to blog in a different way in the New Year.

  • Lizzie Roles

    These are great and practical resolutions for a blogger and I’m going to read your post about google analytics, its something my I haven’t got to grips with yet so that will be a big help, Thank you! If you could add the Share the Joy button to each post you link up that would be awesome! Thank you for linking up Sarah! #sharethejoy

  • mummy here and here

    Some great ideas and definitely do what you love and not compare are my favs X #dreamteam

  • Janine Dolan

    What a great list Sarah. I have to admit, I do compare myself to other bloggers too much and think how great their blog is but I have improved I swear x

  • Pen

    I really like this list. It is a really good reminder of what is and should be important to bloggers. Thanks for posting it. Pen x #sharethejoylinky

  • Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    These are great resolutions. I think connecting to other bloggers and being part of the bigger community out there is amazing, so I am going to keep doing that. Let us know how you get on. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x

  • Rae

    Excellent resolutions! Thanks for the tips, as I learnt o grow my blog 🙂

    Mindful Rambles


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