Ways To Cope With Last Minute Christmas Stress

  • December 20, 2016

Christmas is approaching fast, but if you’re a working mum you’re probably at work right up until the big day.

It feels very “un-festive” working so close to Christmas and doesn’t really give you much opportunity to get everything sorted before the big day arrives.

Hopefully my list of ways to cope with last-minute Christmas stress will help…

Buy Batteries

A small suggestion but if you forget the batteries your Christmas morning is going to be hell! I went to the pound shop in my lunch break the other day and stocked up with enough to hopefully last until after Boxing Day.

Build big toys

You definitely don’t want to waste time or paper wrapping big toys like kitchens or dolls houses, and you definitely want to avoid having to build them on Christmas morning when you have a million other things to do. A late night on Christmas Eve is worth reducing the stress on Christmas morning.

Get wrapping

This is definitely a note to self! I always seem to spend Christmas Eve night wrapping presents, so I’m really trying to spend an hour or two each evening getting through them this time. As well as saving last minute panic it also means Christmas Eve can be spent on more important things like films, wine and chocolate!

Prepare dinner the night before

This is actually a tip from my husband as I have never cooked Christmas dinner myself! He always prepares the veg and the turkey the night before so that on Christmas day is just needs going in the oven. Also means that half of the washing up is done the night before.

Lay the table in advance

I lay the table the day before so that it’s all done and looking lovely and you can make sure you’ve got everything. Last year I actually realised on Christmas Eve afternoon that we were 1 fork short, god knows how but I’m glad we didn’t realise on Christmas morning!

Charge your camera

I’m planning on using my ‘proper’ camera to take photos this Christmas and I still need to remember to charge the battery. Christmas is such a special time with kids you don’t want to miss out on taking a ridiculous number of photos.

Buy a few extra boxes of chocolates/bottles of wine

It’s always a good idea to have a little stockpile of extra gifts just in case you have an unexpected visit from a neighbour or long lost family member. And if not, you’ve got a good supply of wine and chocolate for yourself.

Set the Christmas TV films to record

Come the afternoon the kids are tired and getting annoying, and you’re shattered so having a few Christmas programmes recorded from earlier in the day might be a good idea to keep them entertained for a bit.


If after all that you’re still feeling stressed, check out this great post full of practical tips for managing holiday stress.

Good luck for the big day, hope you and your families have a great Christmas!


Does Christmas stress you out? If the decorations, food shopping, present buying and gift wrapping is driving you crazy, check out these tips on dealing with last minute Christmas stress | How to deal with last minute Christmas stress


  • Sarah Cantwell

    Some great tips! I’m off to do some wrapping now. I might make my husband hunt down the best Christmas films too xx

  • Vikki Holness

    Fabulous tips here – i always make sure to stock up on batteries before Christmas Day! You can never have too many batteries where kids and toys are concerned! xx

  • mummy here and here

    Oooo yes a million batteries are needed X #dreamteam

  • Janine Dolan

    Very good list. I got batteries the other day. We had the disaster last year where we had not enough batteries *oops* I am preparing tomorrow nights dinner this evening.

  • Stephanie

    Some good tips, we’ve got a box full of batteries that the kids keep trying to raid already!!

  • Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    These are great tips. I have been really unwell over Christmas and so wished I had done the majority of the wrapping pre-Christmas eve. It’s all been a bit of a blur and even the tv shows that we usually try to catch just never got watched (or recorded). Will have to remember this for next year. Thank you for sharing with the #Dreamteam. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year x


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