8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas For Daddies

  • December 14, 2016

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Have you almost finished, or is it going to be more of a last minute panic?

I find that the men in the family are the hardest to buy for, both my own Dad and my husband especially.

8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas For Daddies |

If you’re struggling for gift ideas for the Dads in your life, here’s 8 fab stocking filler ideas for Daddies…

8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas For Daddies |

1. Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

If he’s sporty, or you know he’s going to try and get fit in the new year, then he’s sure to find a heart rate monitor useful. He’ll have to go to the gym just to test it out!

2. Beard Grooming Set

If he’s gone all hipster and grown a beard, you could try and give him a helping hand for keeping it neat and tidy with this bread grooming kit.

3. Build Your Own Batmobile

Let’s be honest, men are big kids. It’s probably the dads who spend more time building the Lego than the kids, so why not buy them their own toy. PLus what man doesn’t like superheroes?!

4. Retro Sweetie Jar

If your other half is of a certain age he’ll love getting nostalgic over all these sweets from his childhood. Plus you can personalise it so he can let the kids know it’s all his!

8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas For Daddies |

5. Grow Your Own Coffee Plant

If you have a bit of a coffee addict in your life this would make a great present! They can get their daily coffee fix with the added bonus that they’ve grown the beans theirself.


If your other half is a Walking Dead fan (what man isn’t!) this is perfect. These Ladybird books are really funny so he’s sure to have a good chuckle over it.

7. Hangover Rescue Balm

Does your man go out with the boys much? If so he needs this! There’s no excuse not to get up with the kids at the weekend if you have a hangover remedy.

8. Man Tin

What is it with men and ‘stuff’? Keys, batteries, tools, random crap filling up the kitchen drawers. Buy him a man tin and make him keep all this rubbish in it.


I hope some of these ideas have helped – I’ve already done my shopping but wish I’d thought of some of these sooner!



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  • emma amoscato

    I’ve bought the same style tin for my Dad that says ‘Grandad’s goodies’ and I’m going to fill it with lots of chocolate.

  • TheLondonMum

    The hangover rescue balm?? Now that sounds good!! lol

  • Cass Bailey

    Brilliant ideas – I’m all done for everyone except my husband x x

  • claire

    OH man, the zombie book is perfect for my husband haha, I could also see my dad getting a good laugh out of the beard kit! x #kcacols

  • Kate

    I love the new ladybird books I’ve bought the grandparent one! #KCACOLS

  • Carol Cliffe

    Great list of ideas – I especially like the beard grooming and retro sweets ideas! #TheList

  • OddHogg

    Could have done with this list a few weeks ago! I’ve struggled with little bits and pieces for my husband this year. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  • Janine Dolan

    Ha funny enough my hubby actually has that man tin.

  • Stephanie

    My hubby has a tin like that too! Great gift ideas

  • Jaylan - Diapers at Dawn

    Great ideas. I planned on doing a stocking for Mr H this year, but never got round to it! Oops, think I’ll have to be more organised next year :0) #KCACOLS


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