8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas For Mummies

  • December 2, 2016

Generally Mums spend a lot of time shopping for everyone else at Christmas, but I bet when you’re asked what you want you can’t think of anything.

8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas For Mummies |


Unfortunately husbands and kids aren’t usually great at thinking of ideas by themselves, they tend to need a little bit of help.

So if you need some inspiration – or have a partner that does – here’s 8 fab stocking filler ideas for Mummies….

8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas For Mummies |

1. Blue Scale Texture Mermaid Tail Blanket

Long gone are the days of going out partying. All we want is to get comfy on the sofa with a bar of chocolate & Netflix. How fabulous would you feel sat on the sofa in this amazing mermaid tail blanket!

2. But First Coffee Thermal Mug

If you can’t face the morning school run or dash to work without your coffee fix, this stylish travel coffee mug is perfect.

3. Personalised Silver Stars Necklace

All mums love thoughtful gifts – these necklaces are lovely and sentimental without being tacky. Have it personalised with your little star’s initial and wear them close to your heart.

4. Cinematic Lightbox

Perfect for Instagram photos, blog posts, and generally messing around and being creative with.


8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas For Mummies |

5. Nails Inc Prosecco Is Always The Answer Gift Set

Sparkly nail polish plus a glittery bag declaring your love for Prosecco, what’s not to like about this one!

6. Unicorn Hand Warmers

Do spend most of your life standing in cold play parks or outside school gates? Stick a pair of these hand warmers in your pockets and make it a bit more bearable. Plus, who doesn’t like unicorns?

7. Weekly Planner Pad

With school or nursery events, birthday parties, after school activities and general life to get on with, it’s easy to forget what on earth’s going on from one minute to the next. This weekly planner will keep even the busiest mum organised, plus it’s pretty.

8. Hurrah For Gin

Make any stressed out mum feel better with this hilarious book that shows parenting exactly how it is – frustrating, irritating, infuriating but also wonderful and exciting.

If you like these suggestions, look out for my 8 Fab Stocking Filler Ideas for Daddies post next week.


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