Finding Healthy After School Snacks

  • November 28, 2016

The first words Little H says to me at home time every single day is “Have you got anything to eat?”. Like I had time to whip up a sandwich on my drive from work to the school.

I usually have some kind of snack in my pocket for her (if I remember!) but the second we walk through the door, before we’ve got our coats and shoes off, she says “Mummy I’m starving”.

And so my afternoon carries on until bedtime.

Finding Healthy After School Snacks |

I admit I do give her a sugar laden cereal bar, yogurt, biscuit or packet of sweets, but with the amount of snacks she needs I get to the point where I know I can’t possibly give her any more sugar.

A quick Google search for “healthy after school snacks” brings up some hilarious suggestions. Who are these kids who eat kale chips, zucchini muffins or artichoke pesto bites?! They can’t possibly exist.

If you have a normal fussy child, here are some suggestions that they might not turn their noses up to…

Bread sticks and dip – I was quite surprised when Little H liked sour cream dip but she does so I buy loads of it. She’ll eat it with bread sticks, pitta bread or tortilla chips. Definitely no carrot or cucumber though. She’ll also eat mild salsa, but won’t go near hummous!

Weetabix – This is a new one. Last year she hated it, this year she tells me she’s eaten it at breakfast club and loves it. Who care’s it’s supposed to be for breakfast, it’s a good afternoon school snack and does seem to fill her up. I’m not against putting a sprinkling of sugar on it either.

Wraps – Little H loves making her own wraps. Putting grated cheese, ham and ketchup in a wrap keeps her amused for a while so kills two birds with one stone. Win win.

Fruit kebabs – Ok, so yes this does sound a bit “Pinterest Mama” but I had kebab sticks left over from a summer BBQ. Little H does like fruit but says its “boring”. Stick a few grapes, strawberries and bits of melon on a stick and it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

Nim’s fruit & veg crisps – I didn’t think that Little H would like these but we were offered some to try so thought I’d give it a go. Nim’s air-dried fruit and vegetable crisps come in lots of flavours from apple, pear, pineapple and melon to tomato, courgette, beetroot and pepper – Little H’s favourite were the apple and melon ones, probably because they’re naturally sweet. She sat and ate a whole packet without realising she was eating a bag of fruit! The crisps count as 1 of your 5 a day, have no additives or preservatives, are suitable for veggies and vegans, and are fat and gluten free. A perfect and sneaky way to get some goodness into your kids while letting them thinking they’ve got a bag of crisps, plus very handy if you’re out and about straight after school.

Finding Healthy After School Snacks |

And that’s where I run out of suggestions and it’s back to biscuits!

If you have any healthy but realistic suggestions you’d like to share feel free to leave a comment below.


*We were given a selection of Nims Fruit Crisps for free for the purpose of this review, however the opinions are all honest and my own

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  • Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    These are great choices. We love bread sticks and dips too. Still have yet to try fruit kebabs, they sound pretty exciting to me. #MarvMondays.

  • Amy

    Some great choices that I wouldn’t think of doing. I definitely need to start buying breadsticks as the toddler really likes them! ox #MarvMondays

  • Lucy's Locket

    I find it hard enough to pick healthy snacks for myself, let alone my daughter! Some good choices here 🙂


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