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Christmas Gift Ideas – Get Creative With Personalised Stocking Fillers From Snapfish

  • November 21, 2016

I take a lot of photos.

I used to print loads out and we have tons of albums of holiday photos and baby photos of Little H. Nowadays though they just sit on my phone, get added to Facebook or Instagram but never make it much further than that.

When I was invited to try out some of the personalised stocking stuffers from Snapfish I thought this was the perfect chance to get some use out of my photos.

Snapfish have lots of great products that can be bought for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers, and I had a hard time choosing what to order. You can get very creative with the products, adding text and icons to make them really personal.

Get Creative With Personalised Stocking Fillers From Snapfish

All grandparents love photos of the kids so I’d start by making something for them. For my parents I ordered an acrylic photo print with a photo of Little H and my nieces taken over the Summer.

Get Creative With Personalised Stocking Fillers From Snapfish | copyright

You can create a photo collage or just use one image. I added the ready made text “Family memories” and some little hearts to make it more personal than just the photo on it’s own. There are so many graphics to choose from including quotes & phrases, hearts, stars, animals, all sorts.

The acrylic prints come in various sizes, I picked the 6″x4″ version. The image is great quality and I think it makes a nice change from the usual photo in a frame. It comes with a little stand and would look great on a desk or shelf.

Next up I decided to create a gift for the mother-in-law. She lives over 100 miles away and doesn’t get to see Little H very often so I thought she’d love a photo gift. I made a 10″x5″ desktop calendar, as I thought this way she can see her only grandchild’s little face every day.

Get Creative With Personalised Stocking Fillers From Snapfish | copyright

Again you can pick one photo for each month or put together a photo collage. You can choose a theme for the background, and add text or graphics to each page. I added the month and a little icon to go with each such as a snowflake for January and autumn leaves for October.

Get Creative With Personalised Stocking Fillers From Snapfish | copyright

I think the calendar is a lovely idea, especially for a loved one who lives far away.

For my husband I made a photo mug that Little H can give to him as a Christmas gift. He can take it to work and look at Little H’s face to remind him why he’s there on stressful days!

Get Creative With Personalised Stocking Fillers From Snapfish | copyright

You choose from a range of different layouts from single images, images with text, and various collage templates. It’s easy to put a collage together as you just drag and resize the photos to fit into the boxes. As with the other items, you can choose your text and any graphics.

We wrote “Love You Daddy” and added a couple of hearts.

Little H was really pleased to see her face on the mug when it arrived!

As most of my photos are of Little H I thought it was only fair to make her a stocking filler too. As you can imagine we have hundreds of photos from our Summer holiday to Orlando and I thought it’d be nice to do something with them.

Get Creative With Personalised Stocking Fillers From Snapfish | copyright

Little H’s favourite part of out holiday was meeting all of the Disney Princesses so I decided to make a photo collage for her. I ordered another of the 6″x4″ acrylic prints as she’s got the perfect space for it up on her shelf.

Snapfish have lots of other products including coasters, cushions, keyrings, phone cases and magnets.

Making all of the items is really easy. You choose your product, choose a layout, upload your photos and just select the ones you want to add. If you want to add text you choose your font and type. Then you can scroll through all sorts of graphics and icons and just click to add to your product. It can take quite a while to put the items together, but not because the site is complicated but because there’s so many layouts and icons to choose from.

The quality of all of the items was very good and delivery was super quick – I made them on the Thursday evening and they arrived on the Saturday morning.

If you’re stuck for ideas for small gifts and stocking fillers then head over to the Snapfish website and get creative.


*I was given these products for free for the purpose of this review, however the opinions are all honest and my own

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  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    such lovely ideas (I love a good personalised item in my life). Works wonders with people like the grandparents!

  • Keri-Anne

    I love the idea of a phone case! I think my husband would love one as he works away all the time so having a personalised one with his little girls on would be amazing 🙂

  • Joanna

    I love snapfish for photo gifts I think I’ll get a mug for my hubby that he can take to work.

  • Lauren Belle du Brighton

    great ideas, personalised gifts are so good for when you dont know what to get people!

  • Janine Dolan

    Snapfish is brilliant. I worked with them quite a lot and their service is so handy.

  • Tanita

    Aw how lovely are these. I absolutely love personalised christmas bits. So special. I just purchased personalised christmas cards for us which I am so pleased about. I cant wait to receive them xx


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