Things Every Mum Has In Her Bag

When I wrote my recent post about things working mums can relate to, I mentioned finding random child related items in your handbag.

I had a clear out of my work bag the other day – it’s huge and I can never find anything in it which isn’t surprising with all the crap that’s in there.

The contents of my handbags have certainly changed since having a child, long gone are the days when I can carry a nice, small little bag with just my phone, purse and lip gloss in it.

How many of these items are at the bottom of your handbag…

Things Every Mum Has In Her Bag |

Snacks & Empty Wrappers

Little H is always hungry so I try to make sure I have emergency supplies on me. I found a cereal bar and a pack of raisins in my bag – I’m not sure how long they’d been in there for though. Plus several sweet wrappers, a lollipop and a few loose Smarties. On the plus side, I guess at least if I get starving at work I should always be able to find something!

Wipes & Tissues

Kids always have sticky hands and runny noses, especially when they’re in the back of the car. Not only do I have packs of tissues and wipes in my work bag, I also have antibacterial hand gel. Definite mummy items.


I was rooting around in my bag during a meeting the other week looking for a spare pen, and found a Littlest Pet Shop, a plastic bow from some doll or another, a bracelet, a magnet and a Hello Kitty lip gloss.

Hair clips

I regularly comment to Little H that I’ve no idea where all of her hair clips go, I can never find 2 that match. It looks like most of them end up in my handbag.

Things Every Mum Has In Her Bag |


A colleague was looking for a plaster the other day and our office First Aid box isn’t very well stocked. Being a mum I knew I’d have plasters in my bag – unfortunately all I could offer was a Disney Princess one!


For those days (every day?!) when the kids are giving you a headache.

Things picked up from the floor

Why on earth have I got a stick in my work handbag?


No wonder it’s so flippin’ heavy! It’s lovely and clean again now, but I doubt that will last very long…


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7 thoughts on “Things Every Mum Has In Her Bag

  1. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons says:

    Apart from the hairclips I can guarantee I have at least one of all of those in my handbag – and multiple sticks! Probably not many snacks though, just the empty wrappers as my son is a hungry snack thief! I look forward to the day I can move to a smaller handbag again! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. The Aloha Mummy says:

    Ah how true!! I have socks, a flat biscuit wrapper unopened except for a tiny little puncture hole yet as the biscuit has crumbled away it has ALL escaped from the wrapper! I now have a biscuit crumb puddle and a mysterious unopened wrapper! David Blaine would be in awe!!

    Nit to mention of course the hand sanitiser and many packets of tissues! Plus calpol caplets-life savers these!!!

    #stayclassymama 🍪 😢

  3. My Petit Canard says:

    Oh gosh, the dreaded hangbag clear out! Mine always has a load of little people stuff lurking in it. I always say the same about hair clips to my little one and always end up finding a handful in the bottom of my bag! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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