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10 Things All Working Mums Can Relate To

  • November 4, 2016

Sometimes when you’re a working mum you can feel like the busiest, most stressed out mum in the world.

Rushing from nursery drop off or the school run to get to work, getting distracted at work by kid-related thoughts and not seeing as much of your kids as you want to can take its toll  – but you’re definitely not the only one going through it all.

I promise you that at some point, all mums that work have felt exactly the same way as you do right now. I know I certainly have.

Here are 10 things that all working mums can relate to…


Rushing around

By the time you sit down at work, you’ve probably spent at least 2 hours rushing around like a headless chicken. Getting kids dressed and out of the door on time, sitting in traffic trying to get to school before they close the gates, and then rushing through more traffic to work equals one stressed mama!


Going over homework in the car on the way to school

With work and after school clubs there’s a distinct lack of time for homework. This year our school has spelling tests on a Friday so most Friday mornings we’re doing some last minute practice in the car on the way to school. Other days we’re practising sums or reciting times tables.


Doing errands in your lunch hour

Whether it’s running across town to get a last minute fancy dress costume or making phone calls to the school, your lunch breaks aren’t very often spent eating a sandwich in peace. Long gone are the lunch hours when you have time to go shopping or meet up with friends.


Begging your boss for time off

You think you’ve got everything sorted with childcare and after-school activities, then the school or nursery give you a week’s notice that there’s going to be a class assembly or play that requires your attendance, or there’s a staff training day that you’ve forgotten about.


Relying on other mums for photo updates

When you can’t get the time off for these last-minute appointments you scour your Facebook timeline hoping that one of the other mums has got your child in one of their photos.


Mum guilt

There’s always mum guilt whether it’s because you’re putting your child in daycare while you work, or because you can’t pick your child up from school yourself. After a while, you get used to it, but the guilt is always at the back of your mind.


Finding random things in your work handbag

Toys, kid’s snacks, baby wipes, dummies, plasters, rubbish – even your work bag isn’t your own space. Many a time have I rooted through my bag in a meeting looking for a pen but only able to find random Kinder Egg toys or Disney Princess hair clips.


Having to make childcare plans in the school holidays

My daughter gets 13 weeks off school a year. My husband and I get 4 weeks each, so even if we didn’t spend any time off together we’re still way short. Months before the summer holidays or half term you need to start begging family and friends to take your child on certain days, or trying to find a holiday club that doesn’t charge the earth.


Not getting to know any of the other school mums

When you don’t do the school pick up every day you don’t get chatting to any of the other mums. This means that on the days when you do pick your child up from school you’re a complete social outcast, and birthday parties are very awkward when you’re the only mum nobody knows.


Spending the majority of your salary on childcare

If you have a child at nursery you’re probably spending most of your hard worked earnings on childcare. Sometimes the nursery invoices pretty much cancel out your wages which makes you wonder why you’re bothering with work at all. It doesn’t always stop when your child moves from nursery to school either – with breakfast club and after-school club you can still get quite a hefty bill every month.


So, can you identify with any of these? Being a working mum ain’t easy, is it!



Being a working parent can be difficult, it comes with many struggles. If you are a working mum you might be able to relate to this list... | 10 things all working mums can relate to | Working Mum | Working Mom | #workingmum #workingmom #workingmama #workingparent

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  • kristin mccarthy

    These are all so true. I used to teach and do all of my errand on my teeny tiny lunch hour. Eventually the whle forking over my whole paycheck for daycare ended up being the nail in my working coffin.


  • Mrsmorganplus3

    Ha agree with all of these! I found a nappy, dribble bib and bottle lid in my handbag at work last week! I have only been back 4 weeks and it is getting easier with the routine every week! #KCACOLS x

  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    I can’t even imagine. I work from home four days a week and still feel like I am constantly running around x

  • Angela Watling

    My small person is not at school yet so I’ve yet to experience some of these! But I’m sure I will in a few years. The lunch break one is VERY familiar. As is the mum guilt and the random things in my bag (the other day I realised half a bag of toddler biscuits had emptied in my handbag and got smushed to crumbs 🙁 ) Thanks for emotionally preparing me for what is ahead! #MarvMondays

  • claire

    Ugh. I just went back part time a few weeks ago. Even part time the mum guilt is awful. x #kcacols

  • Keri-Anne

    Oh gosh, i loved this! Yes to most of them! x

  • cass bailey

    It all gets easier I promise – my two are 11 and 14 now and it’s so much easier than it used to be x x

  • Kaye

    Haha yep, especially spending the majority of your salary on childcare, what’s that about! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  • Stephanie Moore

    Yes to all of these, my best friend works and I try and get photos/videos of her kids for her when she can’t make it. Makes a difference being able to see them.

  • Emma

    Ah, those days when all you had to think about before work was what to wear and have for breakfast!!

  • thetaleofmummyhood

    I can imagine how crazy busy it can be, I bet the time just flies too!


  • My Petit Canard

    I can so relate to this post! Even though im on maternity leave again, I can remember exactly what its like and how stressful it is. I hated the constant running around, I always felt like I was running somewhere – even at work with all the meetings we have! The one good thing about being on maternity leave this year though is getting to meet some of the other mums before I become the social outcast next year again! Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  • Sarah Aslett

    Oh god I totally get this !! When I was working full time every lunch hour was spent doing errands – a food shop (in store or online) – going to the Post Office – filling out whatever forms for whatever needed filling out! Great post! #stayclassymama

  • themotherhub

    All true – the not knowing the other mums bit is tricky. I don’t mind for myself but I worry it means my son is missing out on play dates. #stayclassymama

  • This Mama Life

    YES to all of these!!! Especially the errands on lunch breaks! I’m a full time working mum and it’s tough sometimes but I know I’m doing the best thing for my family and myself 🙂 x

  • The Speed Bump

    My daughter is only 2 but I can definitely relate to the mum guilt and the random items in my work handbag! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

  • A Moment With Franca

    I work from home on my blog now so I don’t feel like that anymore but I certainly did when I was working at an office before I become a SAHM. This is all true! And I’m sure many working mums can relate. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. Just one thing. Please do not forget to comment the post before yours. Apologies if you have done it and perhaps your comment has not been approved but I can’t see it there yet. Thanks in advance lovely, x


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