My Travel Bucket List

  • September 15, 2016

Whenever I go on holiday I start to daydream about jacking in work and travelling the globe – I’m sure it’s not just me who does that!

Pretty much the day after we got back from Florida we were talking about where to go next – and we have plenty of places that we still want to go to.

We’re still undecided about where we will go next year (need to save some money first!) but it got us thinking about the places left on our travel bucket list.

I count myself extremely grateful that I’ve now crossed off three major places from the top of my list (Thailand, a Safari in Kenya, and Disney World) but I still have a lot of places left!

Here’s what is still left on my travel bucket list…


My Travel Bucket List |

Absolutely at the top of my list – whenever me and the husband get annoyed with life we always say “Lets just go to Hawaii!”. I definitely want to lie in a hammock with a cocktail on a Hawaiin beach at some point in my life!


My Travel Bucket List |

The main thing from stopping us from going Down Under is time. We can only have 10 working days in a row off work which just isn’t enough time to do it justice. There’s so much to visit in Australia that I fear we’ll have to leave it until we retire – or win the lottery!

New Zealand

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We have a few friends who have emigrated to New Zealand and are incredibly jealous every time we see their photos on Facebook. In a dream world a trip to New Zealand would tie in with the above trip to Australia!

Mauritius / Maldives

My Travel Bucket List |

Now I know these are two separate places, but I’ve put them together because I don’t think I need to go to both – as much as I’d like to! One holiday lying on white sand and paddling in the turquoise Indian Ocean would be enough for me. Unless of course I win the lottery then I be there all the time.


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China fascinates me – I went through a phase of reading novel after novel set in China, mainly during the Chinese revolution. I want to see The Great Wall of China and Tianamen Square, I want to sail in a junk down the Yangtze River, and I want to visit Beijing and Shanghai as well as rural villages.


My Travel Bucket List |

I also got very into reading about Japan and Geishas after reading Memoirs of a Geisha. I’d love to see the cherry blossoms, the temples and real life Geisha. I’d also love to see the craziness of Tokyo.


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I’ve never been to anywhere that looks like this. My holidays have always consisted of either beach holidays, theme parks or busy cities. Imagine how peaceful it would be to stay in a little house in the mountains. Preferrably in the summer though as I don’t like the cold. And without kids, or it wouldn’t be peaceful.


My Travel Bucket List |

I’ve never been to Italy, I’m not really sure why. I’m not particularly fussed about going to Rome or Venice, but I would love to go to Tuscany and stay in a villa. I’d like to visit Florence and explore the architecture, see the famous sculptures, and of course, eat my body weight in pasta and pizza.


I could go on all day, but these are the main places on my travel bucket list. If I’ve visited most of these by the time I die then I can die happy!

Which countries would be on your list? Have I missed any?!


My Travel Bucket List | There's loads of places I would love to visit, here's some places to add to your bucket list... | #travel #bucketlist #travelling

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  • Emma @ FreeFromFarmhouse

    Ooh, I love a travel bucket list. Maldives, Hawaii and Italy are some of my favourite places. I’ve never been to Japan though and would love to go.

  • discombubulated

    Great idea to just visualise all those lovely places. I’ve done Oz, Australia and Italy (Amalfi Coast) but the rest are all on my list too….Japan a MUST for me. Fascinating. #KCACOLS

  • nsalama1

    I love your list! I’m lucky enough to have been to Japan, Italy, Hawaii and Austria. Australia, New Zealand, and the Maldives are on my list for sure! I would also add a safari in Africa to my list… #KCACOLS

  • SillyDaddy

    If you’d asked me a few years ago what was on the top of my list I would have said Florida. Now that we’ve been there twice I still want to go back there, what’s not to love: Perkins, Disney, sea world, prime rib!

    But yes my top dream destinations still are:

    Australia & NZ, Canada, barbados, Japan and Italy. Great post!!! #kcacols

  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    I’ve only been to Italy on your list – such a gorgeous place with beautiful food and people! My sister has recently moved to Japan so I’m desperate to visit her while she’s there! #KCACOLS

  • rainbowsR2beautiful (@rainbowsaretoo)

    We went to Thailand on honeymoon which was in my list since seeing Anna and the King. Japan and somewhere like bora bora but I think I’ll have to wait for older kids! Love the list! We went skiing in Austria, does that count too? #KCACOLS

  • Emma

    what a fab bucket list. I know what you mean about 10 days not being long enough for oz. id prob want the whole 6 weeks summer hols. espec if I was flying for a whole bloody day to get there! done china for 3 weeks and japan for 2 and they were both fab. def rmd 🙂 #KCACOLS

  • ERF Mama

    Great list! I personally love Italy I would LOVE to go there…I love OLD things you see and I LOVE history so I love to go places where I can just..get lost in history of our times hehe.
    China is a good one and Japan ofc.
    I also would LOVe to go to the Seychelles…that would be fab. 😀


  • winnettes

    Yes to most of these! Oddly Australia and New Zealand don’t massively appeal to me and they are low on my list. Canada is quite high on the list for me along with New York and South Africa. Ahhhh I’m dreaming now.

  • Kerry

    What a lovely idea. I’d definitely have Australia top of my list (hoping to go next year-eek!) and I have always wanted to visit Japan, but perhaps without the kids. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday x

  • Emma Plus Three

    I wrote a travel bucket list a couple of months ago and had Italy on mine too, it looks like such a beautiful place x #KCACOLS

  • Poppy Reflects

    Ooh a lot of these are on mine too! Even though I have been I would love to see a lot more of Canada and Italy which are my absolute favourite places in the World. I wouldn’t rule out Venice or Rome as although they can be touristy, if you pick the right time of year and eat where the locals eat then the food is incredible and there is so much culture. x #KCACOLS

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  • Brooke of Passport Couture

    You have a lot of places on your list that are also on mine, so I can understand why you have longed to visit some of these locations. I have been planning a trip to New Zealand for a long time and every time I see amazing photos, I wish I could be there! Hopefully we’ll both get to go to these locations someday soon!

  • Umberta

    Hawaii & New Zealand are on my travel bucket list too!:))

  • California Globetrotter

    All of those are also on my bucket list too!! Especially the Maldives! #CityTripping

  • MummyTravels

    I love travel bucket lists – although I swear mine only ever gets longer as I almost always want to revisit everywhere to see the bits I’ve missed or do something again with my husband/daughter when she’s older. Australia is definitely there (again, when I can somehow find a spare month to start exploring) and Mauritius too as the whole island sounds fascinating. But also Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru, Cuba… too many to list! Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  • WanderMum

    So interesting to see people’s bucket lists! Iceland is one of mine, Vietnam, China and India are some of the biggies. Mauritius and Maldives are quite different. Maldives is so unique because of its archipelago and the water villas which you don’t get in Mauritius. If I was to choose either of those I’d go with Maldives! Good luck ticking them off! #citytripping


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