Hopes For The New School Year

  • September 6, 2016

Hopes For The New School Year |

The new school year is upon us and this week Little H starts year 1. I’m still finding it a bit unbelievable that my little baby is into her second year of school!

I was nervous for her yesterday. New teacher, new classroom and the children have all been jumbled up into new class groups. In usual Little H fashion though she was really excited and woke up at 6:30am asking to put her uniform on. She ran off into breakfast club without a backward glance and I drove off to work pleased that we are back into the usual routine rather than trying to remember which relative is babysitting today.

In her first year I just hoped that she’d enjoy school and get through the day without any tears or worries. Apart from a couple of incidents early on with a horrible boy Little H really enjoyed Early Years and we couldn’t have asked for a better end of year report. If you have a little one starting school this year and want to know a bit about what to expect then you might like to read this blog post.

Year 1 is a bit more serious I suppose – this is proper school now, last year she didn’t ‘legally’ have to be there! So here are my hopes for the new school year…

Make Lots Of Lovely New Friends

We’ve already had the “a girl in my class said she didn’t want to be my friend” and that’s just after the first day! Little H just wants to be friends with everyone and she doesn’t understand if someone doesn’t feel the same. She’s also very sensitive and takes it very personally if another child doesn’t want to play with her. I hope that she finds a nice little group of friends in her new class and doesn’t get left out.

Stand Up For Yourself

Following on from the above I’d love it if Little H learnt to stand up for herself a bit more this year, rather than letting kids say mean things to her or push her around. She certainly doesn’t take any crap at home so it would be nice if a bit of this feistyness made it to school!

Carry on working hard

Little H tried so hard last year with her reading, writing and maths. Of course it was a struggle to get homework done at times but she always did it with no problems once we eventually managed to get her to sit down. Her report said she always tried hard, was enthusiastic and asked a lot of good questions. I hope that going into Year 1 she’s still interested and tries as hard.

Stay Happy

One of the lines that stood out on Little H’s first school report was when her teacher said that she “brightens the room with her big smile, and always makes everyone around her happy”. This is exactly how everyone in our family describes her, but it’s even better to have people outside of the family say the same thing. How lovely would it be to be seen like that rather than a grumpy, stressed out adult – I hope she stays like this for as long as possible!


Above all I just hope that another year of school goes smoothly – and I can get a parking space fairly near! 😉

If you have a child starting school or going back to school I hope that it goes well for you.


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  • The Mum Reviews

    I hope she enjoys Year 1. My son just started Reception today! School is so exciting and scary. #BloggerClubUK

  • Sian | The Mama Story

    Ah a lovely list, I hope it’s a great year for you both. I find negotiating the ins and outs of friendships – who wants to be her friend, who said something mean, who she said something mean to, who wants to play with who – with my 4 year old really frustrating! Would love it if they could all just play together and get along but probably that’s unrealistic.

  • You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy)

    I hope she has a wonderful time. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  • Emma T (@ETusty)

    These are lovely hopes. Some of the things she had in reception sound similar to N’s experience (although he didn’t work a hard.He was all about the play!). Good luck for Year 1.

    If you write more school posts, do come and link up to #schooldays linky.


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