How To Keep Kids Amused When You Go For Lunch

When we’re out for lunch with Little H a lot of people comment on how well behaved she is. I personally think half of it is down to pure luck. The rest is down to her having no siblings to fight with and us taking a backpack full of child entertainment with us.

Oh and usually a bit of bribery.

If you’re struggling to get your children to sit still when you’re eating out, here’s a list of things we take with us…


Writing Pad & Pencil Case

Give her a notepad or colouring book and a few pens and Little H will sit for ages. Sometimes we get involved and draw or colour with her – we’re trying to teach her to play noughts & crosses at the moment – and sometimes she’s happy drawing by herself. We always keep a small notepad and pencil case in her backpack.


You might have seen the big Aquadoodle Mats but have you seen the little travel ones they also do? These were a godsend when Little H was small and we didn’t trust her not to draw all over her clothes or the table. They don’t make any mess and you can get all sorts of popular characters. Have a look here on Amazon if you want to buy some.


Before we go out we usually get Little H to put a few toys in her bag, this way we know there’s something she wants to play with. The favourites are usually My Little Ponies or Littlest Pet Shop and she can sit acting out little scenarios with them for hours. I guess that’s the bonus of having an only child – she’s used to playing by herself!


It might sound a bit stupid when you’re going out for lunch, but you will thank yourself for packing snacks in their bag when you’ve been waiting over an hour and still no sign of the starters. A hangry kid is not a fun kid to be around!


Sometimes you just need to bring out the iPad. I’ve seen a lot of parents talking about how awful it is to see children in restaurants using tablets. I say go for it – better a kid using an iPad than terrorising a restaurant. I’d recommend downloading a few episodes of your little one’s favourite tv show as you can’t always rely on free WiFi.


What tricks do you have up your sleeve to keep kids amused when you’re out for lunch?


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11 thoughts on “How To Keep Kids Amused When You Go For Lunch

  1. suz says:

    Some great ideas here. You are sooooo organised.
    I don’t often take my grandchildren out for lunch but I find having a talk to them first about how I’d like/expect them to behave really helps too.

  2. dearbearandbeany (@dearbearandbean) says:

    I always have paper and stickers in bag in case what the restaurant supply for them isn’t good or they finish it. Generally I find restaurants are good at giving them packs that entertain them. Otherwise we take them for a walk about or a trip to the toilet always does it!!! X #TheList

  3. Memeandharri says:

    Yes I take all the above and maybe a few little figures to play with. I always have a back up of the ipad but try to only use it if I am desperate! #stayclassy

  4. themotherhub says:

    Crisps and a screen only thing that works here ! I always want to laugh in people’s faces if they tell me how well behaved my kids are . Tho i do feel horribly smug if it happens #stayclassymama

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