What’s In Our Trunki? – Essentials For A Long Haul Flight With Kids

  • July 22, 2016

Next week we’re heading off on our summer holiday to Orlando! We’re all obviously very excited but I’m also a little nervous about trying to keep my child entertained on a 9-hour flight. We’ve only done 2.5 hours to Spain before and that was hard work, so I’ve tried to get as prepared as possible for this mammoth journey.

Little H has been packed for weeks, she definitely takes after her mum! Here’s what’s in her Trunki to (hopefully) keep her entertained on the flight…

What's In Our Trunki? | copyright

Notebook, Activity book & Pencil case

Little H loves writing and drawing so we’re hoping that these will keep her amused for a while. The activity book has colouring as well as stickers and other activities, and she has new colouring pens and a brand new Frozen notebook.


There’s nothing worse than a “hangry” kid so I’ve packed some snacks for the journey. Nothing particularly nutritious as you can’t take fruit on long distance flights, but I’ve tried to pick a few things that won’t have her bouncing around the plane too much! There will also be back up snacks in my bag in case she won’t eat plane food.

Travel game

I saw a connect four style game in Tiger and thought it’d be good fun, it’s the perfect size for travelling though I did just realise that the bits will probably end up all over the floor…


All kids like stickers so hopefully these Disney Princess stickers will fill some time. We might end up covered in them but that’s a small price to pay for some peace.


Little H can sit and talk to her toys for ages, the bonus of being an only child I guess! I’ve picked a few things that don’t take up too much room, My Little Ponies and other little figures are always a winner here, and her beloved ‘Teddy Blankie’ will be going in too.


I figured we might need a few bedtime stories while we’re away so bought a couple of new books – The Day The Crayons Quite and Sugarlump And The Unicorn. I’ve kept these hidden so as we’ve never read them before I’m hoping they’ll have her attention for a bit.


Plane seats can get a bit uncomfortable after a while so our trusty “piggy pillow” is coming along for a trip. If she doesn’t use it I certainly will!


We’ve bought some special Disney Princess headphones for when she uses the tablet (which is going in my bag!) so that she doesn’t annoy everyone around us with the annoying music on her games.


I don’t think we can fit anything else in this Trunki – have I forgotten anything?!

If you’re heading off on holiday soon have a read of my tips for going on holiday with children.


Long haul flight essentials for kids | Click through to see what we took on a 9 hour flight to keep our child entertained... #traveltips #familytravel #travelwithkids #parenting

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  • themotherhub

    It actually does sound like you’ve thought of everything ! The headphones are a great idea . I’ve only done short flights so I wish you the best of luck and an amazing holiday ! #fortheloveofblog

  • Kate+

    Sounds like you’re very well organised. We went to Orlando with our three kids in May and had the most amazing time! My three year old was so entertained just by being on a plane and the TV in the seat that he didn’t use many of the things I packed to entertain him. Well, except the snacks and iPad! Have a great time x

  • G

    Such a fun set of activities! I’m sure she will be well entertained 🙂 My girls love using the headphones to listen to books on the iPad, keeps them entertained for ages!
    Have a lovely time x

  • Muslim Mummy

    We have done 8 hour trips with the little one and think you have everything covered! We never took headphones but will do next time as the headphones provided in the plane arent that good for the little ones. Have a fab holiday!

  • tinyfootsteps2015

    We did a 4 hour flight with my (just turned) 2 year old back in April and it was hell! You look very well prepared for your flight and I hope it goes well. Oh and we love the Sugarlump and the Unicorn book in our house!

  • Sarah - Mum & Mor

    I love the look of Trunkis! I want one for myself, let alone my daughter! I really do have to get her one when she’s old enough to have one. Thank you so much for joining us at #fortheloveofBLOG!

  • Tanita

    Great post and very helpful! It is very useful to have a bag packed for them for the flight, I did one for each of mine for our trip to Cyprus. Enjoy your trip to Orlando. xx

  • thealohamummy

    Love this! We did exactly the same! Coloring books, notebooks, Bedtime books, top trumps etc. Made the flight pass well but they also were engrossed at their individual TV screens in the seats! #picknmix

  • Janine

    Very useful post. We are heading off to Spain next week. I’m still getting bits and pieces together. It’s like planning forever. We are taking the trunki too. My boy is not into drawing much so I’m very limited putting entertainment into his trunki.

  • stephanie

    we just got back from a holiday in the UK, and have a similar post to this. Sticker books saved out life!! x

  • Kate

    Brilliant book choices. I always take an old favourite too when we go away. Sounds like you’ve got everything covered 🙂 Best thing we took on our hols was Peppa Pig snap lol!!

  • acornishmum

    Aw cute! Trunkies weren’t around when my two were young enough for them sadly… I want one 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix, we hope to see you there again tomorrow 🙂

    Stevie x

  • My Little Babog

    Sounds like you’ve everything sorted, the Trunki is jam packed with lots of entertainment. Hope you guys have a great time!!

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