Sunday’s happy list!

  • June 5, 2016

Social media and blogs are quite full of moaning and ranting (I’m guilty of it too!) but as I sit here in my newly refurbished garden on my sun lounger I’m feeling very happy and positive!

It probably won’t last long – tomorrow is Monday after all – so here’s my little list of reasons to be happy today…

1. It’s hot! I am definitely a summer girl, I hate being cold, so sitting here in England in my bikini looking up at blue sky makes me very happy.

Sunday's happy list! |

2. I can smell BBQ. ‘Nuff said.

Sunday's happy list! |

3. I’m a watching Little H splashing in her paddling pool, giggling and talking to herself and having loads of fun.

4. We’re on holiday countdown! The OH and I live for holidays, we went on at least one a year before becoming parents and it’s what gets us through the working day. In just under 2 months we’ll be in Orlando – our dream family holiday – and we’re all very excited.

Sunday's happy list! |

5. We were both a bit stressed out over a work problem thrown at OH this week, but we’ve come up with a solution and all is ok.

6. I have my people with me, and no one has colds/sore throats/tummy bugs etc.

7. There’s wine waiting in the fridge.

That’s about it, all very simple things but definitely worth being happy about if you ask me!

What are you happy about today? Does the sun improve your mood too?!



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