Completing A Garden Make-Over On A Budget

  • May 30, 2016

We moved into our house 18 months ago and after having lived in a 2nd floor flat for over 8 years we were so excited to finally have our own garden. It’s only small but the most important thing was having some outside space for Little H.

Unfortunately there was more moss than grass, and absolutely no drainage, so it ended up like a swamp every time it rained.

We moved in during the winter and the garden looked like this:

Garden Make-over On A Budget | copyright www.digitalmotherhood.com

Like most people find after just moving house we didn’t really have any spare money to do anything with the garden at first so we made the best out it last summer, by adding some colour, my parent’s old garden furniture, and just had to put up with it being a bit of a mess.

Garden Make-over On A Budget | copyright www.digitalmotherhood.com

This year however we had big plans and really wanted a proper garden by the time the nice weather came round so we could spend time outdoors and invite friends and family round for a BBQ. Due to booking a holiday we still didn’t have a very big budget for a big garden make-over but we’ve managed to pull of quite an impressive make-over (if we do say so ourselves!) without spending a fortune.

I thought I’d share our small garden make-over with you all, to inspire anyone with a small garden and/or a small budget.

So if you are looking for some ideas on how to improve your small garden without spending much money, here’s how we completed our small garden make-over on a budget.

How to pull off a garden make-over on a small budget

For the re-design of our garden we decided that we needed somewhere to sit and eat (and subathe!) and somewhere for Little H to play. We already had a playhouse and swing that took up quite a lot of room, as well as the shed which couldn’t be moved.


Our garden was made up of a small patio area by the back doors which leads up to the shed, and a patch of grass that went from the back of the house to the fence.

The garden is north facing so we don’t get a huge amount of sun, and the sun we do get in the summer is at the back of the garden by the fence, so we decided we wanted some decking here to put the table and chairs on. This would also help us to get rid of some of the grass/moss that was causing us such trouble.

My in-laws had lots of extra decking left over from their garden which they kindly donated to us. We had absolutely no idea where to begin so we roped my parents into helping us, and my husband and dad watched a few YouTube videos to learn some new skills!

I won’t explain how to fit decking as I’m by no means an expert, but if you’re thinking of doing it yourself then I would recommend watching a video on how to fit decking yourself like this one.

Garden Make-over On A Budget | copyright www.digitalmotherhood.com

In total it took 2 full days to install the decking, and we spent the following money…

  • Decking – Free
  • Sand & Gravel – £20
  • Membrane – Free (donated with the decking)
  • Decking stain/protector – £25

Total – £45

Grass / Astroturf

Our grass had just turned to mud last autumn and had never really recovered, any amount of rain caused a mud bath – here’s an example of our garden after some heavy rain a few weeks ago.

Garden Make-over On A Budget | copyright www.digitalmotherhood.com

It was clear there was no point laying new turf until we’d sorted the drainage problems, so we decided to sort that out first and then put down some artificial grass. We read up on how to add drainage to the lawn and we added some trenches lined with landscape fabric. If you have drainage problems on your lawn, take a look at this DIY lawn and garden drainage guide.

Decent artificial grass isn’t cheap, for our small area of approx 4.5ft x 3ft the quotes were coming out at around £300-400 for decent quality grass. My mum had seen a local garden centre selling off-cuts so we headed over and managed to find 2 bits we could put together to fit our small garden .

Again we had no idea how to lay artificial grass, so once more we watched YouTube videos and read up on a few tutorials. If you want to do it yourself try watching this video and check out this guide.

Garden Make-over On A Budget | copyright www.digitalmotherhood.com

Laying the grass took 2 days (possibly would have been less if we hadn’t had kids in the garden at the time!) and was relatively easy.

The costs of laying AstroTurf were as follows:

  • Grass – £150
  • Sand and gravel – £30
  • Membrane – Free (donated with the decking)
  • Tape – £20

Total – £200



We got rid of the water butt in the corner of the garden as without grass or many plants this wasn’t really needed any more. This gave us a little bit more room to extend the paving slabs further across the garden to the side fence and allowed the grass to be a rectangle rather than a more awkward L shape.

There’s a drain cover in the corner of the garden that we need to be able to access so we couldn’t extend the paving slabs all the way to the fence. We weren’t really sure what to do with this  redundant part in the corner but we found a wooden pallet in the pile of scrap wood at the garden centre which was exactly the same size as Little H’s playhouse and we (well, my mum) had a brainwave.

The pallet fit the empty area perfectly, and sat over the drain cover. It would be easy to lift up if we needed to get to the drain.

We covered the pallet in a few bits of the left over AstroTurf, nailed one of the spare decking panels to the side of the pallet, and sat Little H’s playhouse on top.

Garden Make-over On A Budget | copyright www.digitalmotherhood.com

The cost of putting the extra patio together was:

  • Paving slabs – £70 (you can get cheaper but we needed to match the ones we already had)
  • Crate – Free
  • Left over grass – free

Total – £70

The End Result

And here is our finished garden…

IMG_20160528_182215 IMG_20160528_182321


We have spent another £50 on plants and bits & pieces so altogether the garden makeover has cost us approximately £350, which I don’t think is bad at all for such a drastic change.

If you don’t have access to free materials try Gumtree – there are lots of people trying to get rid of old materials for free or very cheap just so they don’t have to take them to the rubbish tip.

We’ve already had our first BBQ of the year, and Little H and I sat out there most days after school last week. We’re really looking forward to finally having a usable garden for the summer – let’s just hope we get some decent weather this year

So as you can see you can achieve a garden make-over on a budget. You don’t need to spend thousands or employ professionals – you might just have to rope in your family or friends to help!



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  • flyingsolo7

    You have done a great job! Looks brilliant.

  • Lisa Robb (@workingmumy)

    Your garden looks AMAZING!! I love the tree in the decking!!
    We have been looking at doing ours on a budget too this year. Your post just proves it can be done!!

  • Coombe Mill

    Oh my you have done such an amazing job and it all looks so professional. I can’t believe you brought it all in at such a good price. Just goes to show DIY pays off! #MarvMondays

  • Our Life as we see it

    This is fabulous! Well done you guys! We really need to sort our garden out, you’ve given me some inspiration now, thank you! X #MarvMondays

  • Helena

    Now that’s my kind of garden. #HomeEtc

  • My Petit Canard

    What a great makeover! You guys did such a fab job on such a budget. It looks like the perfect family outdoor space for the summer. We’re in the middle of our little garden renovation too having moved into our new house last summer and not really having any budget to do anything last year, and having a very small budget to do a few bits this year so like you guys we’re doing lots ourselves. Its so nice to finally have a space that we can sit out in properly and enjoy this summer 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

  • Caro | The Twinkle Diaries

    Gosh Sarah — what a difference — it looks amazing! I can’t believe all the problems you’ve had with drainage though — that’s such a shame!!! I hope that you manage to get it totally sorted so it doesn’t spoil your lovely new garden! Thanks so much for linking up with on #HomeEtc! — Caro xx

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