Birthday gift ideas for school friends that don’t break the bank

  • May 17, 2016

Once your child starts school your weekends are taken up by birthday party after birthday party after birthday party. Not only do they consume your weekends but it can get very expensive too, and you quickly run out of birthday gift ideas.

May seems to be the month that we have endless birthday parties. In the first 2 weeks alone we’ve had 4 parties for Little H’s friends, as well as her own coming up this week.

Thinking of presents to buy for children you don’t really know can be quite difficult, even worse if you have presents to buy for several different parties. You don’t want to spend too much, but of course you don’t want to look like a scrooge either.

I have a few go to shops and gift ideas that so far have always seemed to go down well, so if you are a bit stuck on what to buy here are my birthday gift ideas…

birthday gift ideas for school friends that wont break the bank |


Anything crafty is always a good bet to avoid buying toys that they already have. All kids love sticking, cutting and painting, plus parents like things that keep the children occupied for a bit. Just maybe avoid buying anything with glitter – unless it’s someone you don’t particularly like!

Gloveables Activity set, £4, The Works

Birthday gift ideas |

Galt First Sewing Kit, £9, Hobbycraft

Birthday gift ideas |

Star Wars Jumbo Activity Pack, £10, The Works

Birthday gift ideas |

Shopkins Colour Your Own Backpack, £8, Wilkinsons

Birthday gift ideas |

Playdoh Town Ice Cream Truck, £11, Asda

Birthday gift ideas |


If you know the child has access to a garden then there are some really cute and inexpensive gardening sets and outdoor activities available. These are always good for summer birthdays.

Briers Kids Garden Tool Bag, £10, Wilkinsons

Birthday gift ideas |

Build Your Own Den, £10, The Works

Birthday gift ideas |

My Garden Fairy Flowerpot, £10, Hobbycraft

Birthday gift ideas |

George Home Bean Bag Game, £7, Asda

Birthday gift ideas |


Educational and learning toys are always great presents, and will get you brownie points with the parents which is great if they’re school mums you’ve never met before!

My First Chemistry Lab, £14, Asda

Birthday gift ideas |

Orchard Toys shopping List Game, £7.66, Tesco Direct

Birthday gift ideas |

Dinosaur Explorer Set, £10, The Works

Birthday gift ideas |


And if all else fails you can’t go wrong with anything Frozen or Lego!

I hope some of these suggestions help you if you have lots of birthday parties coming up. Good luck!


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  • sisterk1n

    This is great. You have done all the hard work for me. Next time I have to buy a present I will be referring to this post. #BloggerClubUK

  • mummyfever

    There are some lovely ideas here. i love the gardening kit in particular. Thanks so much for linking up to #sharewithme hope to see you again

  • Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Wow you found such bargains here! I try to stick with ten euros or less but it can be quite challenging to find toys for that price. Lego or playmoil are always a winner but are more expensive sometimes. Thanks so much for linking up with #BloggerClubUK – sorry for the comment delay, I had no electricity & hence no wifi yesterday.


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