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Tips For Going On Holiday With Kids

  • April 20, 2016

It’s about that time of year that we all start thinking of holidays. When you are single and/or childless you go on amazing holidays that are exotic and relaxing.

Unfortunately when you have kids, the reality is a little bit different!

Little H is almost 5 so luckily we’ve been through the worst bits of going on holiday with a baby.

We’ve been the parents with a fidgeting, screaming child on the plane, getting tuts and dirty looks from other passengers. We’ve been the parents taking it in turns to have 5 minutes peace while the other one chases a small person down the beach. And we’ve been the parents roping the grandparents into going on holiday with us so that we have some back-up!

If you are thinking of going abroad with small people, here are my tips for going on holiday with kids…

Take back-up

If you’re in a position to go away with your parents or in-laws do it! You can have a night out on your own, sit still for 5 mins while someone else takes them for a walk, and we all know that kids are so much better behaved when Nanny & Grandad are around.


I would definitely recommend taking packets of your child’s favourite snacks, whether it’s crisps, rice crackers, breadsticks or whatever. They’ll be a godsend on the plane, but also really handy to have in your bag if you need to bribe them to get in the pushchair or sit still in a restaurant. Foreign alternatives might not be the same, you know how fussy kids are.


iPads, books, colouring, toys, I would take as much as you can! A must for the plane, especially during takeoff and landing when they need to stay in their seats. These things will also be handy to keep them occupied if you go back to your hotel in the afternoons.


If your child has dummies take loads with you! They’ll get lost or covered in sand, and you don’t want to be trailing around shops trying to find replacements that your baby will accept. Also a godsend for take off and landing.

Paddling pool on the beach

If possible buy a little cheap paddling pool in a beach shop when you get there. We found putting Little H in it on the beach with a few toys was a bit like a playpen and kept her still for a while. We also put blankets in it when she wanted to nap while we were still at the beach, and even used it as a baby bath when our villa only had a shower!

Travel Cot

Villas are rarely baby proof so if you can hire a travel cot it will come in very handy when you’re trying to get ready. You can take 2 baby items for free on most flights so if you have a travel cot at home it might be worth taking it with you.

Car seat

If you’re hiring a car take your own car seat. The first time we went to Spain when Little H was 1 we hired a car seat from the car hire company – it cost us £5 a day and was the most difficult one I’ve ever used. You can take it for free even on cheap flights so definitely worth it.

Family-friendly hotels

I don’t know about you but family hotels full of horrible kids, over-enthusiastic holiday reps and cheesy entertainment aren’t exactly my idea of a perfect holiday. However, when you have kids it is so much easier stay in places where they do help to entertain the kids and no one bats an eyelid when they scream in the restaurant. Worth weighing up the pros and cons!

If you’re off on a family holiday soon, I hope some of these tips will help. Have a great time!


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  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I agree with your car seat tip. We travelled overseas and hired a car (with car seat) only to find they had stuffed up our booking and there was no car seat available. We ended up having to buy one and take it home with us but it did come in handy on our last overseas trip to the US where we took it with us to avoid the outrageous daily hire fees. I also love your tip about taking a cheap paddling pool to the beach with you – that’s a great idea!

  • Cydney

    Taking a paddling pool is SUCH a good idea. We’re yet to travel with Corben and im hoping my partner and i can get away without him (hehe) but will keep these things in mind!
    Great post!

    Cydney xx

  • Kaye

    Fab tips! We’re yet to risk going abroad with the little one (and now there’s another one on the way, it’ll be a while), but I’m definitely starting to consider it now and I’d need all the help I could get, wouldn’t have a clue! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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  • The Mum Reviews

    Great tips! I’d never thought of the paddling pool one. Definitely going to try that.


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