The Best Things About Being A Parent

  • April 18, 2016

A young, childless friend asked me a while ago what I thought the best things about being a parent were.

I wanted to say something deep and meaningful but instead just thought of all the fun things…which actually are the best bits, aren’t they? Whilst parenting is undoubtedly one of the hardest things in the world, most of the time the fun cancels out the stress.

Here are the top things (in no particular order) that I love about being a parent…

Being a big kid

If I’m honest I’ve never really felt like a proper, sensible grown up and despite the responsibilities of having a child I’ve never acted like such a big kid in my life. Whether it’s skipping down the path, pulling silly faces or playing in the park, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air from working and paying bills.

Regular cuddles

I love cuddling up on the sofa after a tough day at work and school. I really don’t want the day to come when Little H no longer wants cuddles and gets embarrassed being squished by her mum.

Being told “you’re my best friend”

I regularly get told “Mummy you’re my best friend” and it melts my heart a little bit every time. How am I going to cope when she gets her own real best friends?

Having a little hand to hold

Walking along holding a little hand and hearing her chat away about absolute nonsense is great. I’m totally going to be that embarrassing mum that still tries to hold my daughter’s hand when she’s 13.


Although trying to teach a child to read or write is one of the most frustrating things in my life right now, it’s also incredibly satisfying when she finally grasps something that we’ve been trying to teach her.

Visiting places ‘for kids’

It’s just not the same going to the zoo or an amusement park without a child. It’s so much fun to watch their excited faces as they experience all of these things for the first time.

Playing with your favourite childhood toys

My parents kept so many of my toys and when they moved a year ago we had lots of boxes of Barbies and My Little Ponies that Little H now plays with. She also has some of my brothers Ghostbusters and Turtles which has pleased my husband!

Re-watching your favourite childhood movies

I’m a big Disney fan so would probably watch them whether I had kids or not, but it’s brilliant to recommend your favourite films from when you were little and introduce your child to them. Sunday afternoons will usually find us sat on the sofa watching Alice In Wonderland or The Little Mermaid with popcorn.

See parenting is great fun….most of the time!

These are definitely some things to remember and focus on when they are being less than lovely! What do you think are the best things about being a parent?


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  • Kaye

    Ah, I’ll have to point my friend in this direction as she’s considering starting a family soon! I completely agree with all of the above, especially days out. Seeing your little one’s face light up and have so much fun is just the best. Christmas is about a thousand times more exciting! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  • largerfamily

    Having a little hand to hold is definitely the best!

  • Karien @ Running the Race

    Yes to all of these! 🙂

  • The Blog Centre

    What a lovely list and so true – it is all the small fun things ?
    Thank you for sharing in #ShowcaseTuesday #linky

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