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Our Sassy Kids Box Review

  • April 10, 2016

Like most kids Little H loves anything involving crafts so when the lovely people at Sassy Kids offered us one of their boxes to review we jumped at the chance!

The boxes from Sassy Kids are aimed at children between 3-8 years of age and contain everything you need to complete some fun activities together. Perfect for those rainy days when the kids are climbing the walls.

Sassy Kids Box - Review |

We’ve received similar boxes from other companies, but this is the first box we’ve had from Sassy Kids and it didn’t disappoint. The first thing we saw when we opened our box was the popcorn, we read the leaflet and found that we had everything we needed to conduct the “Popcorn Olympics”.

The box also contained a couple of extra activities and a fun fact card.

Sassy Kids Box Review |

The Popcorn Olympics involved 8 different events, and the box has instructions on how to play, as well as a score sheet and a medal for the winner. There were enough contents for 4 people to take part, but we played with just the 2 of us.

To start we had to pop the corn, Little H gave me a hand in the kitchen and found the popping really funny. Once it was all popped we got everything set up for our Olympics – and I had to stop a certain little someone from eating too much of it.

Sassy Kids Box Review |


The games included throwing popcorn as far as you can, having a race to see who could blow a piece of popcorn the furthest with a straw, trying to catch it in your mouth, and popcorn darts. We ended up with popcorn all over the floor and realised that we’re actually both quite bad at throwing – though in our defence it’s surprisingly difficult to throw popcorn!


We spent about an hour playing the 8 games and there was a lot of laughing, they were great fun and not something that I would have ever thought of doing. Who knew you could have so much fun with a bowl of popcorn!

Obviously Little H won the Popcorn Olympics and was very pleased with her medal.

Sassy Kids Box Review |

Once we were done with the games (and had just about found every bit of popcorn that we’d thrown around the lounge) we carried out the other activities which were a colouring page and making a popcorn sheep. There was also a task to name a food for every letter of the alphabet, which is actually really quite hard but was good for testing Little H on her letters.

Sassy Kids Box Review |

In total I think we spent almost 2 hours on the activities in this box, and it certainly kept us entertained on a rainy afternoon, when we no doubt would otherwise have ended up watching a film. Little H said that it was “really good fun” and her favourite part was having the “blowing popcorn race”.

Sassy Kids Boxes are sent fortnightly and cost £3.99 (+ 99p postage) so I think they’re definitely value for money – there’s not many ways you can entertain a child for a couple of hours for under £5. sassykids

We would definitely recommend the boxes and you can get your first box for half price here. Enjoy!

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