8 Skills You Learn As Soon As You Become A Mum

  • March 28, 2016

Remember when you were a kid and you thought your mum was magic because she could do anything and knew everything? When we have a baby we all become one of those magic mums.

It’s almost like as soon as you become a mummy you automatically get given all of this secret knowledge and new skills.

Some of them are skills that come in useful in other parts of our lives, such as at work, other skills are really not that useful at all but still quite impressive none the less.

Here’s my list of skills you learn as soon as you become a mum…

Eating any meal one-handed

I don’t know about you but my husband and I ate every meal for the first 6 weeks or so with one of us holding a screaming baby. It doesn’t matter whether it’s spaghetti or steak, I could eat it with one hand tied behind my back! Not particularly useful once you no longer have a screaming baby to hold but I’d like to see people without kids do it as well.

Having 2 conversations at once

Lately, I’ve noticed that I can be having one conversation with my husband and another with my daughter at the same time. Usually whilst driving as well. It’s definitely a woman thing, my husband struggles to listen to one conversation at a time never mind two…

Keeping calm in a crisis

However you may have dealt with a stressful scenario pre-kids, once you’ve dealt with a nappy explosion in a public place with no spare clothes and only the car’s parcel shelf to rest the baby on, then you can deal with just about anything!


I wonder if the CIA employ mums to negotiate with terrorists? They totally should. If you can negotiate with a stubborn two-year-old well enough to convince them to get into their car seat or take a bath, then you can persuade anyone to do anything.

Doing things at warped speed

Whether it’s getting yourself ready, eating a meal, or doing the weekly shop, as a mum you become an expert at getting a task done as quickly as possible before a child wakes up or has a tantrum.

Developing A Sixth Sense

This is the whole “eyes in the back of my head” thing that amazed us as children. I know where my daughter is and exactly what she’s doing even when I’m in a completely different room. As a mum, if you hear silence you know something bad is going down.


Getting out of the house with a baby on time requires planning in the style of a military operation. It doesn’t get any better as the kids get older either as you have school bags, P.E kits, lunch boxes, homework and god knows what else to remember. Planning and preparation is key – definitely a transferable skill to put on your CV.


Housework or happy children? Washed hair or leaving the house on time? Parenting is just one big game of deciding what that day’s top priority is.


We’re pretty useful, aren’t we?! What amazing skills have you learnt since becoming a parent?


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  • Laura Edwards

    Us mums are ace! I have learnt so much about myself since having kids – particular in the art of negotiating! Having three kids so close in age I am constantly having to prioritise mini crises and resolve conflicts. Enjoyed reading this post #FabFridayPost

  • Kamsin

    Hahaha. Mums are magic!

  • Kaye

    Haha, we really do pick up so many amazing skills! Definitely the sixth sense, I always seem to know when something isn’t quite right (though that could be the deathly silence too)! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


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