The Best Apps For Busy Mums

What on earth did mums do to stay organised before smartphones?!

I’ve tried diaries and calendars but I just forget to write in them, or I lose them, and they’re not exactly easy to take around with you.

Since my daughter started school there’s far too much for my little brain to try and remember so everything goes on my phone. I always have it with me so it’s easy to check where we’re supposed to be going after school, what day her project is due in, or what time my meeting starts.

If having a baby has fried your brain slightly as well, and you can no longer remember things from one minute to the next, then these apps might just save your life. Or at least your sanity.

Here’s my pick of the best apps for busy mums…

A brilliant free app for to-do lists and projects, this will get anyone organised. You can share lists, attach photos or documents, cross things off your lists as you go and even speak your updates.

Wallet (Android) or Mint (iPhone)

I’m an Android user so I use Wallet, but Mint is a similar version for iPhones. It’s a really handy app for tracking your finances. You can set up monthly or weekly budgets, add any regular bills and expenses, and keep track of what you are spending. It provides an easy way to see what money you have left at any point in the month without having to log into your bank account.


If you’re trying to watch what you eat, this app is really handy for helping you track calories, sugar, saturated fats or whatever it is that you want to focus on. You can set yourself goals, and enter or scan what you eat throughout the day to make sure you stay on track.


You get 2BG of free storage with Dropbox, and so can free up some space on your phone. It syncs easily with your laptop and you can invite others to access certain folders or documents.

Around Me

This app will help you find all sorts of amenities nearby such as restaurants, shops, banks and even toilets – a definite life saver when you have a small child with you!


I hope some of these apps help you get through the day with a little less stress. If you use any other useful apps do let me know in the comments section below.


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8 thoughts on “The Best Apps For Busy Mums

  1. Kaye says:

    Fab apps, I also so pretty much everything on my phone from lists to editing photos! I use Clear which is a simple but gorgeous to-do app and also have a finance tracker, wouldn’t cope without my phone! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  2. Sarah HP says:

    Oh man I so need all the help I can get! I forgot to send my daughter with a pack lunch last week for her school trip. I need to get on the case with some tech!

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