No Snow In Poole!

  • March 6, 2016

Unlike the rest of the country we’ve had no snow in Poole this week, we very rarely get any snow down here on the South Coast.

It doesn’t mean it’s been warm though. Yesterday we went for a walk down at Sandbanks beach – with the bright sunshine and blue sky it looks like a lovely summer’s day but it was really, really windy and absolutely freezing. We certainly got our dose of fresh air though, and it was a good excuse to warm up in the cafe with a hot chocolate and cake!

As you’ve probably noticed I like taking photos down at the beach, when the sun is out you can’t get a bad picture at such a beautiful location. We count ourselves so lucky to live here.

Here’s a couple of my favourite photos from yesterday.

No Snow In Poole


No Snow In Poole

I’m very much looking forward to taking photos of the beach in the summer!



Sunday Snap

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