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Weekend Box Club – Our Review

  • February 26, 2016

A week or so ago we reviewed the Toucan Box, a craft subscription box for kids. This week we’re reviewing Weekend Box – read on for our thoughts and a code for a free box!

Weekend Box Club send out their boxes, as you may have guessed, in time for fun activities to do at the weekend.

There are 2 different types of boxes available, a Mini-box with 2 activities (£4.50) or a Bumper box with 4 activities (£7.50). You can choose to receive your boxes either fortnightly or monthly. All boxes contain all the supplies you need to make a fun activity, plus simple instructions to get you started.

We chose a Mini-box and here’s what we got….

The box comes addressed to your child and is certainly noticeable on the doormat! It was waiting for us when we got home from school, and I don’t think we’d even managed to get through the door before Little H was ripping it open.

Weekend Box Club | Digital Motherhood

The boxes have a great, fun design both inside and out, and the animal characters are very cute. Our box contained 2 activities, both really nicely wrapped like little presents, and some collectable stickers.

Weekend Box Club | Digital Motherhood Weekend Box Club | Digital Motherhood

Our first activity was a bubble wrap snake. As well as all of the supplies, you get a leaflet with detailed instructions of what you need to do, and a photo of what the finished product should look like. I loved the fact that the finished product did look like a child had done it, unlike some of the ridiculous finished products that you see on Pinterest! You also get a fun fact related to the task and a space to put a reward sticker at the end. We were missing the glue in our pack, but it wasn’t too much of an issue as we already had some in our craft box.

Weekend Box Club | Digital Motherhood

We got stuck in straight away and Little H had great fun. It was a nice easy activity so didn’t need much supervision which is great if you have a slightly independent child like mine.


As you can see she was pretty chuffed with the end result!


The second activity in our Weekend Box was Trail Mix Cookies. The ingredients provided were oats and raisins – you needed bananas to complete the recipe so we had to wait for another day to do this one as didn’t have any bananas left! I may also have had to replace the raisins…

Weekend Box Club | Digital Motherhood

This was another nice, easy activity though obviously needed a little bit more adult supervision than the snake. I am absolutely terrible at baking, but mixing and putting in the oven I can just about cope with so this was a good task for us as we don’t do a lot of cake making together.

IMG_20160224_164300 IMG_20160224_164655

Little H enjoyed this activity as well, especially the eating part!

We really like our Weekend Box, the activities were good fun, and again I was really impressed with the fact that everything was provided. It saved a lot of time hunting around for the supplies! The box was good value, keeping a 4 year old occupied for a couple of hours for under £5 is definitely value for money in my opinion. Like the Toucan Boxes I think these are perfect for all busy mums, especially working mums who don’t have chance to get out during the week to buy craft supplies and ingredients.

We got a free box using a code but have signed up to pay for a couple more. If you’d like to try out a Weekend Box you can get a free box here. If you do sign up, let us know what you think!


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