The Rise of the Slummy Mummies – Pyjamas on the School Run?

  • January 27, 2016

I’ve been quite outspoken on the subject of mums wearing pyjamas in public on my personal Facebook and Twitter pages (as well as in my office!) – mainly down to a particular lady that I see every morning on the school run.

The topic of mums in pyjamas has now been picked up by the press and other bloggers, and I felt that I couldn’t not put in my twopence worth!

The Rise of the Slummy Mummies - Pyjamas on the School Run? |

The Rise of the Slummy Mummies

This school has issued a notice to parents asking them to be suitably dressed and washed(!) for the school run, meetings and assemblies to set good examples for pupils and I could not agree more. I am just slightly concerned that it needs a Head Teacher to tell the parents this.

Some mums have said in defence that they don’t have time to get changed out of their pyjamas, mornings are too stressful, or that they’re actually teaching their kids that life is busy and you have to make sacrifices.


What you’re actually teaching your child is that it’s OK to not be prepared for things, that you don’t need to bother setting yourself enough time to make sure that you’re ready, and that not making an effort with your appearance for something important (and school is just a bit important) is OK.

I totally understand mornings with kids are stressful, I only have 1 child to get ready and I don’t think we’ve left the house early since she’s been born so I really do feel for the mums with multiple kids to get out of the house. I mean, we’ve all been late because of a tantruming child who won’t put their socks on or eat their breakfast.

We’re not talking about washing & blow drying your hair or putting a full face of make-up on though. I totally get that looking immaculate that early in the morning is an impossible task with kids unless you want to get up at 4am.

We’re just talking about putting on a pair of trousers. Trousers. That must take what 20 seconds?

Surely if mornings are so rushed that you can’t fit in time to change out of your PJs and into some trousers then you need to sort a few things out.  Set your alarm earlier than needed to allow for horrible children ruining your day. Hang up a jumper and pair of jeans on the back of the bedroom door the night before so you don’t have to go rooting around for something without a sticky handprint on it. Or put a pair of jeans with a sticky handprint on, it’s got to be better than going out in public in the clothes you have slept in.

Making sure you’re ready and presentable is teaching your child much more important values and life skills than letting them know life is hard.

You’re teaching them that you need to make an effort with your appearance.

That life is busy and tiring, but you get out of bed in plenty of time anyway to make sure you’re ready for the day, whether for school, work or an appointment.

That first impressions are important in many aspects of life.

If not, how can you complain when your child ‘doesn’t have time’ to brush their teeth before school. Or later in life they turn up for a job interview in a state because they didn’t leave themselves enough time to get ready.

I applaud women who don’t care what others think of them, I really do wish I had more of that attitude in my life, but do you honestly want to be known around the school as “little Jenny’s mum, you know the scruffy one who wears her PJs to school?”. Or for your child to be teased for having “the Skanky mum who doesn’t get dressed”? Poor kids have enough to deal with as it is.

So tomorrow please, please put on a pair of trousers, socks and shoes for the school run.

And don’t let’s get started on the women I see in Tescos in their pyjamas….



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  • DonnaH

    Yes to all of the above… I’ve been really quite disturbed today by the amount of people commenting on social media defending these parents!!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR PAJAMAS ON THE SCHOOL RUN / AT THE SHOPS / ANYWHERE OTHER THAN AT HOME!!!! One rather brilliant tongue in cheek solution I saw today was “ok so if you don’t have time to change out of pjs in the morning, here’s a thought – try sleeping in your clothes – problem solved!” ??

  • Mummys Reasons To Smile

    Exactly. .. takes 2 mins to put on jeans and Stick your hair up. Or better yet make sure you have enough time to get ready. I mean it’s not just the fact it looks bad but I mean kids can be cruel and will pick on another kid for the slightest of thing… no need to give them fuel for it xx

  • Mummys Reasons To Smile

    Exactly… like it takes 2 mins to put on some jeans and Stick your hair up. Or better yet get up a bit earlier to make time to get ready. Seriously kids can be cruel enough with out giving the, fuel for it xx

  • dadbloguk

    Well, this is where being a stay at home dad is a blessing and a curse. Blessing = I don’t judged the same way as women. Curse = why shouldn’t I be expected to keep the same standards? That said, even if I say so myself, I have pretty high standards when it comes to appearance etc. Oh, and I have two kids ot get ready each morning and have never, ever, turned up in pajamas or claimed I don’t have time to get them ready! #MMWBH

    • LifeOfADigitalMum

      Agree with you on all points. On the whole the dads at our school gates have their s*^t together much more than the women. I’ve never seen a bloke in his PJs at school or the supermarket! Go dads!

  • min1980

    Couldn’t agree more. I knew I did like people wandering about in their pyjamas in public, but I hadn’t quite articulated why. This hits the nail on the head. It’s about setting an example.

  • min1980

    I meant didn’t like-oops!

  • cherylbarry

    Clicking through to this post after you commented on my similar blog post earlier today. I completely and utterly agree. And the weird thing is that I didn’t expect quite so many mums to be so against this view. I thought wearing PJs on the school run would be in the minority. I’m still getting a barrage of comments both for and against. I never expected so much controversy over something which is so simple and takes, as you say 20 seconds to put on some jeans! x

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