What’s the best first pet for a child?

  • January 22, 2016

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty that my little only child will get lonely growing up without any siblings. Not quite guilty enough to have another baby, but just enough to consider getting her a pet of her very own.

The problem is that I’m not really a big animal person. I like animals just don’t really like the idea of one in my house, so we’re not doing very well on deciding what animal to go for.


My husband wants a dog but that is definitely not happening. Dogs scare me and they are far too much of a tie for a busy family who are all at work and school all day, and who like their sunny holidays abroad.


We’ve toyed with the idea of a cat, but I don’t want a catflap on my front door (yes slightly OCD I know) and no one is around all day to let a kitty in and out of the house so we have abandoned that idea for now. Maybe a nice idea if I ever manage to go freelance and work from home.


Hamsters are cute and pretty low maintenance, but I’m not sure where I would want to put a smelly cage in the house….yep, definitely sounding a bit OCD…


I suggested a fish or two, surely the most low maintenance of all pets, but Little H said fish were ‘boring’. So that put an end to that idea.


We’re now thinking that maybe we will buy a rabbit in the spring. They’re cute, cuddly and best of all they live outside! My only concern is…do I have to bring it inside in the winter?!

Whatever we get it’s got to be fairly small, so I loved this infographic from Petco when I saw it.

What is the best first pet for a child?

What's the best first pet for a child? | Pets for children | Pet Lovers | What pet should I choose? | Parenting | #pets #parenting #animallovers #infographic

We probably won’t be going for a lizard or hermit crab, but hadn’t thought of guinea pigs.

What animal would my fellow mummies recommend for a 4.5 year old’s first pet? Would love to hear what animals other families have chosen.


What's the best first pet for a child? | Pets for children | Pet Lovers | What pet should I choose? | Parenting | #pets #parenting #animallovers
What's the best first pet for a child? | Pets for children | Pet Lovers | What pet should I choose? | Parenting | #pets #parenting #animallovers
What's the best first pet for a child? | Pets for children | Pet Lovers | What pet should I choose? | Parenting | #pets #parenting #animallovers

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  • Sam Bourne (@luckytwinmumsam)

    I am going to follow this post as really interested to know the answer. Alfie wants a pet for his 5th birthday in March. I considered Guinea pigs but someone said the squeaking drove them mad! We are now looking into rabbits with a potential to train as a house rabbit. Great post 🙂

  • Life as Mum

    This was really interesting to read although I don’t want pets at the moment, would be great in few years to come!
    Thank you so much for linking up to #justanotherlinky

  • Something Crunchy Mummy

    Really interesting post. I want to get our boys done Guinea pigs or rabbits. I’m not a hamster person. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  • lifewithpinkprincesses

    How can a Guinea pig be classed as large?! That’s basically calling a chihuahua a giant dog breed. We want a dog when we have our own home and garden

  • Leanne Cornelius

    We have cats and our eleven month loves them, I’m so excited for her to grow up with them!
    My sister has just got fish, her 6 year old loves them but her 3 year old isn’t really bothered by them, maybe fish will be more entertaining in a few years?
    A rabbit is always a good option, I have no idea how high/low maintenance they are as I’ve never had them, but they’re cute and fluffy 🙂


  • lisagraham1

    I like the idea of rabbits or fish. What about an indoor cat and then you don’t have to worry about a cat flap? I’m sure little H will like whatever you choose xx

  • Kerry norris

    We’ve got a dog but that’s cause we’ve always had them when I was growing up. We also have fish and a rabbit. Of all of them I’d say the rabbit gives me the most grief. So messy and it stinks lol x

  • steph_baybee

    We have just lost our guinea pigs but they were so cute, and lovely to handle for kids. They were such happy little things. However they poo soooo much! I imagine rabbits would too. I hated cleaning them out in the rain and cold during the winter. We couldn’t keep them indoors as my daughters were allergic to them. I loved my hamster when I was a little girl, it went everywhere with me, they are so quick to clean out, you could clean them out often easily as their cage is small.

  • lambandbear

    We have a beautiful ragdoll cat. She’s so fluffy and beautiful. Personally I think cats are easier than hamster as you don’t have a cage to clean! I’m lazy and don’t want the extra task! Ha!

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