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A look back at 2015…

  • December 28, 2015

I started to write a New Year’s Resolution type post, which obviously got me thinking of everything that happened in 2015 and thought I’d first share some big things from the last year…

Starting Freelancing


In March 2015 I took the step to start doing freelance social media management on top of my usual job. The main reason for this was that it would bring in more money later in the year when I had to reduce my hours to fit around the school runs. Secondly I would gain more social media experience across a range of businesses. It has gone better than I expected and I now have 3 lovely clients who’s social media accounts I look after. I am enjoying it and would like to do more in 2016, but am still trying to find that perfect balance between freelance, family life and of course my ‘real’ job!

Our Family Holiday

I think the highlight of 2015 for all of us was our family holiday. In May we headed to Murcia, Spain for our first holiday with just the 3 of us – in previous years we tagged along with the grandparents for much needed babysitting support! Most of 2014 had been spent stressing over house hunting and moving so to say we were in desperate need of a holiday is an understatement. We spent a fantastic 2 weeks in 35+ degree sunshine lazing on the beach, exploring local villages, visiting castles, churches, zoos and generally having a very relaxing, fun time and definitely did not want to come home!

Starting School


In September our not-so-little girl started school, something I had personally been worrying about for a while. I should have learnt by now not to underestimate our strong willed, confident girl as she took to school straight away and hasn’t even batted an eyelid. No parents like to admit their children are growing up so quickly, but we are super proud of how well she’s doing and the school run has now become part of the daily routine. Fingers crossed she wants to go back after the 2 week Christmas holiday!




I can’t really leave out my blog! For years I’d wanted to start a blog but had always struggled to get started. Starting my freelancing gave me a bit of a kick up the bum as I was telling businesses to start blogging but not doing it myself. With help and inspiration from a few blogging friends I set up Life of a Digital Mum and haven’t done too badly over the last few months! I’ve enjoyed writing about our life and about what I know, even if I spend more time sitting staring at my laptop thinking about what to write more than actually writing. I need to dedicate a bit more time to it in 2016, but that’s one for the New Year’s Resolutions post I think…

Days Out

We’ve made a real effort this year to get out and about lots at the weekends. We’re so busy all through the week, especially since school started, that it’s important to us to make the most of our weekends together. It’s not about spending lots of money going to attractions, though we do try to fit a few in every now and then, but more about taking our daughter to places that we enjoyed when we were kids. We live in one of the best places in the UK and are so lucky to have amazing beaches to visit, as well as the New Forest. Looking back at our photos we’ve had some great family days out and are looking forward to lots more in 2016.

Right, now to finish that New Year’s Resolution post!



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