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The Good Dinosaur – Our Review

  • December 11, 2015

Last weekend we went on a family trip to the cinema to see Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.

The Good Dinosaur

The main storyline of the film, which is based around the question “What if an asteroid hadn’t hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs?”, follows an Apatosaurus called Arlo who embarks on a journey, faces his fears and befriends a little cave boy along the way.

I’d read some reviews when the film first came out from angry parents saying that the film was sad, scary and unsuitable for under 8’s so I did wonder whether we should be taking a 4 year old to go and see it or not. But we’d seen a trailer for it a few month’s back and had promised that we’d go – as you probably know small children don’t forget promises like that!

So armed with enough popcorn and pick n mix for a small army of children we headed to our local cinema. We didn’t need to worry, she absolutely loved it! I have no idea what film those other parents were watching as it was your usual family-friendly Disney Pixar film. There was one particular sad bit, but it was nowhere near as tear-jerking as those sad scenes in Bambi or Lion King, and the dinosaurs were no more frightening than some of the monsters from Monsters Inc. In fact it’s probably a more suitable story for small children than the usual kids’ films about young girls being stolen from their parents by witches/evil step-mothers and locked away in the middle of a forest or forced to be a slave in their own home (which we also love by the way!).

The animation is brilliant, as you would expect from Pixar. The scenery, however, is absolutely amazing, I was just in awe of how realistic the landscapes looked.

The Good Dinosaur

I attempted to get a review out of my daughter but I’m afraid it wasn’t particularly insightful…

Did you like The Good Dinosaur?

– Yes

What did you like best about the film?

– The dinosaur and the boy.

What was your favourite part?

– When the chicken chased him.

Did you think it was scary or sad?

– No, it was funny.


So there you have it.

If you’ve been putting off taking your little ones to see it because of some parents’ reviews you may have seen online then you don’t need to worry!

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