5 Things You Need To Know About 4 Year Olds

  • December 2, 2015

Having a baby is tough. You get given this brand new little person to keep safe and absolutely no idea how to do it. No one gives you lessons on parenting but they really should.

I’m pretty sure the phrase “winging it” was invented by a parent.

I’d like to say it gets easier, and in some ways it does – they cry a bit less, poo less, interact more and sometimes (if you’re one of the lucky ones)  they sleep for longer.

But toddlers are hard work too. They are stubborn, have very public tantrums, and most of the time you have no idea why on earth they’re screaming the place down.

Then they get a bit bigger and start talking properly which is nice, and most of the time you can just about work out what they want. But the tantrums are still there and they have the attention span of a flea.

Surely after all that, 4-year-olds are a breeze? They’re at school all day, which has got to make life easier right?


So if you don’t yet have the delights of a 4-year-old in your life, I’m going to let you know what to expect. Here are 5 things you need to know about 4 year olds…

All the questions

Apparently, girls of 4 ask 390 questions a day, which averages 1 question every 1 minute 56 seconds of their waking day. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Believe me, it feels like even more.

They’re always right

Even when they’re wrong, they’re right. Don’t try and argue with a 4-year-old, you will lose.

They have a whole life we don’t know about

I get to hear all sorts of stories from school (except of course what she’s actually been learning) and in the first term it really hits you that there’s this whole part of their life that you have no involvement in, and no control over.

They need their own personal entertainer

I thought by 4 my daughter would be able to play quietly by herself. Boy was I wrong! Maybe it’s because she’s an only child and has no one else to play with, but I find myself playing dolls, Sylvanian Families, ponies, and god knows what else when I really need to be doing housework.

Not listening

Aarrrggghhh! I wouldn’t dare to count how many times I repeat a request. My most said phrases are definitely “Get dressed” and “Eat your food”. I started to worry that she had a hearing problem but came to the conclusion that she’s just 4.


Thank god they’re cute right?!

Can you relate to any of the things on this list? Are you dealing with a troublesome 4-year-old at the moment? If you have any tips for parenting 4 year olds do let us know!


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  • moderatemum

    I sometimes feel sad I no longer have the confidence of a four year old. We should have more four year olds on the board of big companies, much more confident decision making (but really long meetings with all the darn questions).

    • LifeOfADigitalMum

      Do you know what, I bet a lot more would get decided (eventually!) with a room full of 4 year olds. And I bet the girls would definitely be in charge! 😉

  • Elena (@Spanish_mummy)

    Totally agree with them needing an personal entertainer.. I have a 6 and a nearly 4 year old and they need to be entertained all day long, playing with each other is not enough!!
    And don’t even get me started on the questions…..

  • Kaye

    My boy has just turned two and I can’t imagine how life will be when he has a whole life at school, I’m so used to knowing everything about him! I also know that when he starts to properly talk, he’s going to be such a chatterbox, cute but tiring! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

  • Samantha

    This made me snort. The questions one is so true and only gets worse as they get older (as a nanny I’m well aware). 🙂

    S .x

  • shiredad

    A timely warning as we’re rumbling steadily from threenager towards the big four. My daughter is also an only child and similarly requires lots of involved play. Preschool has already given a taster of an unknown world that will only get bigger at school. And all those questions. Wow.


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