How To Be More Than Just A Mum

A recent survey from the Office of National Statistics revealed that women take less leisure time than men - no surprise there really! The survey says that men spend an average of 43 hours per week on leisure activities compared to just 38 hours a week for women. If you ask me, that sounds like [...]

Things All Mums Know To Be True

Being a parent is certainly a learning curve! All parents will agree that having kids is tough, tiring, and hard work to say the least. Kids are also really annoying - they know just how to push our buttons. If you're stressed out and your children are driving you crazy, don't worry we've all been there. [...]

Bad Parenting Methods

We've all been there - received a disapproving look in the supermarket for shouting at your child or using bribery to get them into their car seat. Or maybe you've read an article online about how not to parent your kids and thought "Oh bugger, I did all of those today!" Here's just a few of the [...]