How Working Mums Survive School Holidays

I've previously shared my thoughts about the school holidays as a working mum, and whilst it's lovely to have some time off with your kids, it's not that easy when you work. I've been through this several times now and I know first hand that school holidays require a hell of a lot of planning, [...]

Toucan Box – Our Review

My 4 year old loves anything crafty, and we enjoy making things with her. However, having the time to think of things to make as well as time to go and buy the supplies is another matter so when I saw a code for a free Toucan Box I snapped it up. Toucan will either send you a small [...]

A look back at 2015…

I started to write a New Year's Resolution type post, which obviously got me thinking of everything that happened in 2015 and thought I'd first share some big things from the last year... Starting Freelancing In March 2015 I took the step to start doing freelance social media management on top of my usual job. The main [...]

Christmassy Fun!

One of the best things about having kids is that you get to do all of the things you most enjoyed from your childhood. Christmas is definitely one of those times! I don't really feel very Christmassy until around the middle of December, but when you have kids Christmas starts as soon as that first advent [...]

The Good Dinosaur – Our Review

Last weekend we went on a family trip to the cinema to see Disney Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. The main storyline of the film, which is based around the question "What if an asteroid hadn't hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs?", follows an Apatosaurus called Arlo who embarks on a journey, faces his fears [...]

Pick Up A Pumpkin

It's nearing Halloween and anyone with a small child will know that you have to go all out with the decorating, and you can't have Halloween without carving a pumpkin or two. Last year we went to Sopley Farm near Christchurch to pick our own pumpkins, unfortunately we had left it until a few days [...]