You Know You’re A Blogger When…

Blogging is a funny old world isn’t it? When you’re a blogger you often find yourself thinking about blogging 24/7. You’re constantly thinking about ideas for posts, reading other blogs, and talking to other bloggers on social media.

Most of your family and friends probably don’t get it, but other bloggers do. If you’re a blogger have a read of my list of things that I think all bloggers will understand.

You know you’re a blogger when…

  • You don’t have any downtime. Any time when you’re not at work or looking after the kids you’ll either be writing a blog post, be thinking about blogging or on social media promoting your blog
  • You’re always looking for a photo opportunity on a day out
  • Sometimes you even pick a day out purely for the photo opportunities
  • And you can’t just take one photo of the beach or field or your child, you need to take hundreds of different photos from all angles. Just in case.
  • When something breaks or goes wrong you take a photo for Instagram before cleaning it up
  • You have one clean & tidy corner in the house that you use for photos, even if the rest of the house is a mess
  • You regularly wake up in the middle of the night with great ideas for blog posts and have to write a note on your phone
  • The first thing you do in the morning is check your blog and social media stats
  • While your friends or family are talking you’ll often be sat thinking about how you could turn it into a blog post
  • You receive several emails a day from companies asking you to work for free and get really ranty about it
  • Any meal out involves taking a photo of your food before you can tuck in
  • Nothing is a secret, the world knows what you’re doing and where you’ve been

If you’re a blogger do any of these sound familiar? Are there any other blogger traits or habits I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Blogger When…

  1. Kelly-Anne says:

    Oh my goodness I was nodding my head along to so many of these. I’m totally a blogger. Thank you so much for joining us for #kcacols and hope to see you next time.

  2. Carol Cameleon says:

    Oh yes, I particularly relate to the ‘turning everything into a blogpost’. It’s usually at the most inconvenient time when an idea sparks too. And I’ve been known to brainstorm a post but get so carried away, I’ve written the whole thing anyway! #kcacols

  3. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons says:

    All of these! 🙂 Especially the tidy corner – I’m actually a really messy person, but I have certain corners of the house which I always keep tidy. The only one I don’t do is the photos of food (but maybe I need to start!) Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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